The Bachelor star Matt James and Tyler Cameron hung out at Super Bowl parties with hundreds of people

Tyler and Matt
Tyler Cameron and Matt James hung out at the Super Bowl. Pic credit: ABC

It’s no secret that Matt James and Tyler Cameron love having a good time.

They love hanging out and they often share their hangouts on social media. This weekend, the two of them were in Tampa Bay, Florida for the Super Bowl.

Rather than stay safe and hang out at their hotel, Matt and Tyler were supposedly spotted out in a packed club with hundreds of people.

While this may have meant nothing about two years ago, things are different now.

They are setting an example during a pandemic – and not necessarily a good example.

Matt James and Tyler Cameron hung out at a so-called super spreader event during a pandemic

Bachelor fans noticed Matt and Tyler were out and about, attending what was called a super-spreader event on social media.

In one video shared online, a person claimed that Matt and Tyler were right beside them, hanging out.

“Matt and Tyler at a super spreader event in Tampa,” a Bachelor fanpage wrote on Instagram, adding, “This is selfish behavior and it’s gross.”

Matt and Tyler Florida
Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

It’s clear that the fan account doesn’t feel it is acceptable for Matt and Tyler to hang out and party at these events, as they are setting a horrible example for people, who have been asked to stay at home.

Matt James and Tyler Cameron had a pool party this past summer

This isn’t the first time that Matt and Tyler are making headlines for bad decisions during the coronavirus pandemic.

It was back in July that we reported that Matt and Tyler hosted a pool party, as they were growing tired of the shutdown. They hosted a pool party, where no one was wearing a mask and they were all bonding closely with people who could have had COVID-19.

This pool party happened just weeks after Matt was announced as the next Bachelor star, so this was clearly not a good look for him.

Matt and Tyler didn’t share any statements in regard to why they hosted a pool party during the pandemic.

Matt’s season started filming in September, which meant he was in Pennsylvania throughout the fall. Since then, he’s been back in New York City, where he has bonded with his mom.

Tyler has also traveled to New York City to be with Matt as his season of The Bachelor premiered on ABC.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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