The Bachelor spoilers: Here’s what to expect as Matt James’ season comes to an end

Matt James films for The Bachelor
How does Matt James’s dramatic season of The Bachelor conclude? Pic credit: ABC

For fans who simply cannot wait until the finale to find out how Matt James’s journey ends on The Bachelor, you’re in luck.

Credible reality TV blogger Steve Carbone, also known as Reality Steve, uploaded an Instagram post that gives a play-by-play on the final episode of The Bachelor.

The post has slides that depict the events that transpire during the finale in chronological order.

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He even reveals what has happened with Matt and his pick after filming wrapped.

He captioned the post, “(SPOILERS) Your updated Matt finale spoilers & how the rest of the season plays out…”

Read further to see which The Bachelor spoilers he revealed.

How Matt James’s finale goes

As viewers know, Matt is left with Bri Springs, Rachael Kirkconnell and Michelle Young for the overnight fantasy suite dates.

Bri is then reportedly eliminated during the rose ceremony following the overnight dates.

Matt then comes face to face with his father and was reportedly largely impacted by the conversation. Reality Steve believes that Matt didn’t know his dad would be coming and that it was a production surprise.

Then both Rachael and Michelle meet Matt’s mother. After bringing Michelle to meet his mother, the two go to dinner. Despite gifting him a matching jersey, Matt reportedly sends Michelle home after telling her he’s not in love with her and confirms that he is there with Rachael.

After the emotional breakup, he cancels his date with Rachael. Reality Steve believes that viewers are meant to suspect that Matt might not pick anyone at this point.

The next day, Rachael finds a letter from Matt in which he apologizes and tells her to meet by the lake where they had their overnight.

To Rachael’s surprise, this ends up becoming the big final rose moment. While she may have been expecting a proposal, he doesn’t give her that.

Instead he offers her the final rose and expresses that he loves her and can’t see spending the rest of his life without her.

While Rachael admits that she was mad at him for canceling their date, she accepts the rose and the two agree to continue exploring their relationship.

What happens to Matt James and his pick after the finale?

Rumors have been circulating that Matt and Rachael have already broken up amid the social media controversy surrounding Rachael.

Reality Steve confirms that Matt broke up with Rachael after spending Valentine’s Day weekend together.

He admitted that he isn’t sure if the rumors that state he broke up with her over the controversy are true but he does know that there is no chance of reconciliation between Rachael and Matt.

He expressed that he doesn’t know if he’s trying to rekindle things with Michelle or Bri. He has heard that he has been hanging out with Heather Martin who made a brief appearance on his season after Hannah Brown told her that she and Matt would be a couple. However, he can’t confirm if what he has heard is true.

It seems that viewers have an exciting finale and an even more exciting After The Final Rose special to look forward to.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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