The Bachelor spoilers: Here’s the women who reportedly sit in the hot seat on Women Tell All

Salley Carson
Five women are reported to take the hot seat on the upcoming Women Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 26 is nearing the end, which means the Women Tell All is around the corner. 

With lots of drama and feuds between the women throughout the season, there’s likely to be a lot of heated confrontations when The Bachelor Season 26 ladies reunite for the Tell All. 

Recently, spoilers for the Tell All have revealed which women will reportedly end up in the hot seat with their own segment during the episode. 

Here are the five women rumored to be in the hot seat on the Women Tell All. 

Shanae Ankney will sit in the hot seat 

Reality Steve recently reported on the women reported to sit in the hot seat during the Women Tell All, and despite there being several pot stirrers and notable women throughout the season, only five will allegedly be brought up for their own segment. 

One of those women is Teddi Wright who received Clayton Echard’s first impression rose and was sent home during a rose ceremony just before hometowns. 

Another woman who will be in the spotlight is Sarah Hamrick, who became a villain late in the season. Clayton called Sarah out for her fake tears during their final group date before sending her home.

In the latest episode, Clayton met his final four women’s families and made the tough decision of who to send home before fantasy suites. 

Clayton ultimately chose to eliminate Serene Russell just in time for her to make an appearance on the Women Tell All. Serene will be one of the five women in the hot seat when the women reunite. 

Unsurprisingly, the season’s main villain Shanae Ankney will also be in the hot seat to face off against the many rivals she made on the show. 

Shane Ankney appalled viewers with her offensive comments surrounding ADHD as well as her various catty antics. The bullying blonde found herself at odds with Elizabeth Corrigan, Sierra Jackson, and Genevieve Parisi, to name a few. 

Time will tell if Shanae shows any remorse for her behavior after all the backlash.

Salley Carson reportedly is the last one to sit in the hot seat 

At the start of Clayton’s season, he attempted to give his first rose to recently engaged contestant Salley Carson. 

However, Salley Carson’s time on the show ended up being extremely brief as she decided to walk away from the show before the opening night even began. 

According to Reality Steve, Salley will be the last one brought out to sit in the hot seat. Reality Steve reported, “Salley came out last and was only brought up for her hot seat. She didn’t stay on stage with the women. She said that she didn’t have any regrets about going, she had a lot of emotions in the hotel and also said she never applied while she was engaged. Someone nominated her.” 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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