The Bachelor viewers praise Clayton Echard for calling out Sarah Hamrick’s fake tears

Sarah Hamrick
The Bachelor viewers feel Clayton Echard finally did something right. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard has faced a lot of flak for several of his decisions on The Bachelor.

However, the recent episode had some viewers changing their tune as they felt Clayton finally wised up when calling out contestant Sarah Hamrick’s fake crying.

After being easily manipulated by several women in the house, it was a surprising yet welcome change of pace for viewers to see Clayton show some sense of awareness and send Sarah packing.

Clayton Echard confronts Sarah Hamrick’s ‘performative’ behavior

On the latest episode of The Bachelor, Sarah Hamrick briefly became the pot-stirrer in the house.

After a questionable therapy date, Clayton was advised that one of the women in the group was being ‘performative’ and Clayton soon learned that Sarah was the main culprit from the other women. 

After Rachel Recchia brought it to Clayton’s attention that Sarah was deliberately trying to make the other women feel insecure and jealous, Clayton confronted Sarah and didn’t hold back when bluntly revealing he saw through her act. 

Sarah began to cry in an attempt to gain Clayton’s sympathy, but Clayton quickly called it out, expressing his belief that Sarah was not shedding any real tears. 

No longer being able to trust Sarah’s sincerity, Clayton sent Sarah home and, in a rare moment, received some praise for not being manipulated by Sarah’s fake tears. 

One fan wrote, “Not Clayton calling out Sarah for fake crying..Where has this man been all season?” 

Another viewer wrote, “Clayton calling out Sarah’s fake crying stoppp maybe he does have a brain.” 

One The Bachelor viewer tweeted, “Me when Clayton calls out Sarah for fake crying,” along with a photo with text that read, “That’s the most I’ve ever liked Clayton.” 

Clayton Echard gains Tammy Ly’s respect

Along with some The Bachelor viewers, Bachelor Nation star Tammy Ly also reacted to Clayton calling Sarah out and sending her home. 

Tammy tweeted, “Wow lmao Clayton calling out the FAKE CRY.” 

Tammy Ly tweet
Pic credit: @whoistammykay/Twitter

Tammy seemed to agree that Clayton made the right choice in sending Sarah home, writing, “Clayton just gained back all my respect for seeing Sarah home.”

Tammy Ly tweet
Pic credit: @whoistammykay/Twitter

While Clayton received some praise, other The Bachelor viewers voiced finding it odd that Clayton could be so no-nonsense with Sarah Hamrick after putting up with all of Shanae Ankney’s antics. 

Do you think Clayton made the right choice by sending Sarah Hamrick home? 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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