The Bachelor spoilers: Clayton Echard confronts Shanae Ankney after 7 women call her out

Shanae Ankney
Shanae Ankney gets confronted by Clayton Echard. Pic credit: ABC

In the upcoming episode of The Bachelor, seven different women in the house decide to talk to Clayton about Shanae still being around “for him.”

While Clayton has been dealing with Shanae’s drama for multiple episodes now, something about her has him keeping her around from one week to the next.

Which 7 girls talk to Clayton Echard to voice concerns about Shanae Ankney?

However, this coming week, per the spoiler preview, Sierra Jackson, Genevieve Parisi, Teddi Wright, Susie Evans, Sarah Hamrick, Marlena Wesh, and Mara Agrait, all come to Clayton to voice their concerns about Shanae’s shenanigans and villainous behavior.

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Clayton has made some significant connections with many of these girls, ones he has said he can see himself with in the future as his wife and ones he knows he can trust. Will this matter?

As it seems like Sierra is the primary spokesperson during the discussion, Teddi also pipes up with information that Clayton had been unaware of, especially when it came to the last group date when Shanae showed up unannounced and uninvited just to create…yep, you guessed it…more drama.

Sierra takes the lead when she lets Clayton know what happened at the last group date when Shanae grabbed the trophy that was sitting on the table and threw it into the water, as she yelled at her and Genevieve to “keep her name out of their f**king mouths.”

Teddi then pipes up and also says to Clayton, “It was, like, pretty absurd, and I’m not really sure how you can, like, go back from something like that.”

How does Clayton react to the news he hears from the women?

As Clayton takes all of this new information in, you can tell he is struggling to hear it. He also lets them know that he needs to go and talk to Shanae privately about what happened.

After he talks with the group of seven girls, Clayton can be seen talking to the cameramen and saying, “To hear that Shanae was taking the trophy and throwing it in the pond, it’s really hard for me to defend those actions and it’s not acceptable.”

Clayton then pulls aside Shanae to discuss what he’s just heard from the group of seven women. Of course, Shanae defends her actions and blames it on the fact that girls don’t like her, they ignore her, they don’t talk to her, and all of the other lies she’s been feeding him the whole time.

What happens with Shanae on The Bachelor after the drama this week?

Although we don’t see Clayton’s reaction to this conversation with Shanae, we do see what she says to the cameras privately after she talks to Clayton. Shanae can be seen claiming, “They don’t like me cause they’re threatened, but if you’re gonna f**k with me, like, watch out because I know it’s coming. I’m ready for it. These b***hes are not sending me home.”

Can Clayton finally believe what is going on with Shanae and the other women in the house when seven of the remaining girls come to talk to him as a group to voice their concerns about Shanae?  Will he continue to keep her around after his one-on-one discussion with her?

Who will Clayton side with: Seven girls or the one he has been having drama issues with since almost week one? Tune in Monday to find out.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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