The Bachelor: Salley Carson’s wedding registry is still up online

Sally Carson in white
Salley Carson’s wedding registry circulates online. Pic credit: ABC

On The Bachelor, it’s common for contestants to come on the show only to learn throughout the journey that their heart is not yet ready for a committed relationship. 

However, that revelation came sooner than later for The Bachelor Season 26 star Salley Carson. 

Coming off of a recent failed engagement, Salley realized she wasn’t ready to pursue Clayton Echard before the first cocktail party even began. 

With her breakup so raw and recent, fans found that even Salley’s wedding registry is still available online. 

Salley Carson’s wedding registry found online 

Salley Carson was the first person to be offered a rose and the first person to go home on The Bachelor Season 26. 

Leading up to the big night, Salley revealed that not only was she recently engaged before coming on The Bachelor, but her wedding was supposed to be on the very day she was set to meet Clayton Echard with the rest of the women. 

The sad and sentimental date stirred up many emotions for Salley, who began to doubt if she was really ready to hop back into a romantic relationship. In a rare occurrence, Salley chose to speak face-to-face with Clayton before formally meeting him during opening night. 

Salley shared her uncertainty about whether she was ready to embark on this journey with Clayton, and he even offered her the first rose to ease her fears and get her to stay. However, after Salley stepped away and made a phone call, she ultimately rejected the rose and went home.

Salley appeared to not fully have healed from her past relationship with her ex-fiance, and the circulation of her wedding registry is further proof of how fresh her split really was.

One tweet included a screenshot of her wedding registry, writing, “Salley’s breakup is so fresh her wedding registry is still up.” 

According to the online registry, the registry includes items from Target such as a vacuum and printer and items from Crate & Barrel and reveals that the couple was set to get married on Sunday, September 26th, 2021. 

Will Salley Carson return to The Bachelor?

Salley’s appearance on The Bachelor was brief and ended abruptly when she chose to self-eliminate extremely early in the process. 

However, Clayton clearly appeared smitten by Salley even after their quick meeting, which has led several The Bachelor viewers to speculate that we may not have seen the last of Salley.

Many believe Salley may choose to return for Clayton throughout the season. 

Do you think Salley will return to The Bachelor this season?

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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