Here’s the surprising way that Clayton Echard has already made The Bachelor history

Clayton on The Bachelor.
Clayton Echard made history on The Bachelor premiere. Pic credit: ABC

The brand new season of The Bachelor is here, and Clayton Echard is making history already.

Ahead of his arrival at The Bachelor mansion, he offered a rose to a contestant who came to see him while they were at the hotel. That contestant was Salley Carson, and she declined his first impression rose offer.

That was the first time in Bachelor Nation history that a first impression rose was declined. Not only was it an awkward exchange, but it was also cringy for viewers to watch as well.

Who is Salley Carson?

Before the premiere of Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, information about Salley Carson had been floating around social media. She was engaged to be married before coming on the ABC show.

In September, Reality Steve uncovered that Salley was engaged to be married and celebrated her bachelorette party literally a month before she was set to compete for Clayton’s heart.

During her private conversation with Clayton before going to the mansion, she revealed she was set to be married the following day and had only recently called off the whole thing. He offered her the first impression rose to keep her around, and after she took some time to think about it, she declined his offer.

Bachelor fans weigh in on Clayton’s snub from Salley

Social media lit up about The Bachelor snub. Clayton Echard was the first Bachelor to get rejected when offering the first impression rose, even before he went to the mansion.

One viewer tweeted, “Salley just wasted 30 minutes of my life.”

Of course, The Bachelor viewers couldn’t let the fact she was supposed to be married weeks before signing up for the show go. Another tweeted, “Salley 5 minutes before coming on the Bachelor”

And finally, another observant The Bachelor fan summed up what happened with Salley. They said, “Salley: hey I know I’m a complete stranger but I was supposed to get married yesterday and I don’t want to be here Clayton: will you accept this rose”

Clayton Echard and Salley Carson started off The Bachelor on an exciting note. Making history on a season of The Bachelor or any other Bachelor Nation show is a big deal, and his claim to fame has come.

Be sure to tune in weekly so that as Clayton’s journey unfolds, you don’t miss a single moment.

The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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