The Bachelor: Jason Tartick says Kaitlyn Bristowe needed to host the Women Tell All to call out the women

Kaitlyn Bristowe
According to Jason Tartick, Kaitlyn Bristowe should have been the host in last night’s Women Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

Jason Tartick, the fiancé of former Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe, spoke up Monday evening after the aired Women Tell All show.

He was not impressed with how the women of Clayton’s season acted on the show and how some of them showed their true colors through insults, rude comments, and body-shaming.

Jason brought up the fact that if his fiancée, Kaitlyn, was hosting the Women Tell All, she would have called out some of the women. Kaitlyn previously hosted the last two seasons of The Bachelorette with her co-host Tayshia Adams before Jesse Palmer took over for this season of The Bachelor.

What did Jason Tartick say that his fiance, Kaitlyn, would have done if she had been the host of Women Tell All?

In fact, Jason took to Twitter during and after the segment aired to show his disbelief and shock at how the women were treating each other and Clayton.

He wrote, “Imagine a @kaitlynbristowe hosting this #WTA…feel like she’d check 95% of this bulls***! Especially the body shaming #The Bachelor.”

At one point, although Shanae was this season’s villain, some of the women said that she looked like she was “wearing a diaper” as she moved to the hot seat during the episode.

Pic credit: @Jason_Tartick/Twitter

Jason and Bachelor Nation alum, Joe Amabile, also posted other tweets about the segment

In response to this comment, Joe Amabile also took to his own Twitter account and declared, “Diaper comment was bulls**t. If some of these women keep it up they are going to steal Shanae’s villain edit in one night.”

Pic credit: @AmabileJoe/Twitter

Jason also laughed about the Women Tell All segment and said, “They should make #WTA a pay-per-view event.”

Pic credit: @Jason_Tartick/Twitter

Jason defended Clayton during the show

While Clayton received a great deal of backlash during the episode, Jason did stand up for him at one point.

When Lyndsey Windham told Clayton, “I told you about Shanae. I know Sierra did. I know Mara did. Like, numerous of us said it… I wish you would have – you would sit there and own the fact that you had a better connection with Shanae than all of us. And it’s like sit there and own it like a man.”

That last phrase did not sit well with Jason, and he came to Clayton’s defense on Twitter Jason tweeted, “’Own it like a man’ is a dumb and dated saying.” Although the women and Bachelor Nation fans don’t agree with the way Shanae treated people or the things she did and said, Jason stood up for Clayton regarding the comments.

Pic credit: @Jason_Tartick/Twitter

Apparently, he didn’t think that Lyndsey should have made that comment and stereotyped men. All-in-all, Jason couldn’t help but wonder if the women would have been different with Kaitlyn hosting the event to put them in their places when needed.

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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