The Bachelor: Clayton Echard was visibly rattled after the Women Tell All

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard was upset and struggling at times during the Women Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard, America’s current Bachelor, took his turn in the hot seat in last night’s episode of the Women Tell All, and he didn’t look like he was enjoying it most of the time.

In fact, Clayton looked pretty frazzled during and after as he sat in the hot seat, answering questions from the women. While he also got to ask some of his own questions, the women were tough on him.

How did Clayton feel his time in the hot seat on the Women Tell All went?

In an exclusive with Us Weekly, Clayton reported, “I do wear my emotions on my sleeve, especially with facial expressions…A few of the women come up afterward and [to] tell me, ‘Hey, smile.’ I think it’s pretty apparent that I was a little rattled by this. It really hurts me.”

While Clayton ultimately made his own bed with some of his decisions and choices, he revealed that he’s a “people pleaser.” Therefore, when people are angry or upset with him, it gets to Clayton.

He went on to state, “And tonight showed me that I really frustrated a lot of these women, and I hope that they can forgive me, ultimately…But I could only say what I felt was needed to be said. I hope they understand that I’m human. And I tried my best.”

Who did Clayton talk to while he was in the hot seat?

During the segment, Clayton and Sarah Hamrick had questions and statements for each other over whether she was genuine and where their relationship went wrong.

Clayton was also asked by Genevieve if his thoughts have changed and if he regrets calling her an actress and asking if she was lying after he saw Shanae’s true self when the season aired back.

He also confronted Shanae, the season’s villain, about her off-camera behavior, words, and actions; however, she still seemed to act like she did nothing wrong and did not apologize to anyone.

In response to Shanae, Clayton commented, “I don’t like to hold onto anything. I am willing to forgive everyone for their actions. I was shocked by Shanae…I think she showed me one thing and did another on camera, but you know what? I think everybody deserves some grace and I certainly hope that if she feels apologetic for what she did, then I can forgive her.”

By the looks of last night’s Women Tell All, that apology might not happen, despite what the women, and Clayton, hoped.

Clayton revealed what he has learned from the experience as The Bachelor

Clayton also discussed how he could have done things differently and said things differently throughout this experience. When asked what specifically, Clayton just said he wished he’d asked more questions. He said, “that may have uncovered what I needed to uncover.”

Moreover, Clayton stated that the women have taught him so much more about himself throughout the journey. They have also shown him where his weaknesses lie and how he can improve as a man.

Stay tuned to find out just how Clayton’s journey ends during fantasy suites tonight, March 8th, and the finale episode next Monday, March 14th.

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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2 years ago

It’s gonna be hell on earth, before this is over! We don’t know the end, but from what I read and have seen, he loves too many girls and they are going to be mad, and leave. He sent one home already, we have not seen or did we? Gabby, and hell break loose when he tell them he slept with both of them, Susie sprouts wings and flies out of it all. Don’t know what Rachel does, not yet. I think she is gone also, after more things come down. Clayton loves too many and he needed to choose one. Do not love all of them, that is not going to work Mr. Clayton. You have messed your own self all up. The ending is going to by you with no one left! Possibly! So this is the different ending I would guess. We shall see!