The Bachelor: What does Clayton have to say to Shanae on the Women Tell All?

Shanae Ankney
Shanae is confronted by not only the other women but also Clayton. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard has a lot of explaining to do from this season of The Bachelor. While he only has three women left vying for his heart, he has several women on the Women Tell All that will face him when the episode airs tonight.

While the final three will evidently have questions for Clayton, too, he also has questions of his own for some of the women, particularly Shanae Ankney, this season’s villain.

What does Clayton Echard say to Shanae Ankney when he’s given the chance?

As Clayton sat in the hot seat during the Women Tell All segment, The Bachelor host, Jesse Palmer, asked Clayton, “Having watched this back, what do you have to say to Shanae now? Now that she’s in front of you.”

Clayton looked visibly agitated as he answered Jesse and confronted Shanae. After he took a deep breath, Clayton looked at her and stated, “You manipulated the women, you manipulated me. I trusted you. I believed you. And it was the worst thing that I could’ve done.”

Shane then lashed back as she declared, “You asked for openness, vulnerability, honesty. I gave you all of that.”

What do the other women say in response to Shanae’s answer to Clayton?

Lyndsey Windham, one of the other contestants on stage, suddenly interrupted and yelled, “From the bottom of my heart, f*** you, Shanae.”

Genevieve Parisi then jumped in as she stood up and pointedly asked Shanae, “Where was the honesty to our faces, calling us b****es?”

Shane clapped back with, “After the hundredth time of trying to explain myself, now you wanna listen?”

Clayton then brought the conversation back as he genuinely said he could have done better and was shocked by what Shanae did and said when he watched the show back as it aired.

Genevieve Parisi gets her chance to ask Clayton a question

In correlation to all of the Shanae drama, Genevieve was the woman on the one-on-one date with Shanae—the one who finally got Shanae eliminated.

Genevieve had something of her own that she wanted to say to Clayton regarding the fact that he had asked her if she was an actress after talking to Shanae on that particular 2-on-1 date.

Genevieve wanted to know, looking back, how Clayton felt about what he said to her after seeing all of Shanae’s antics, words, and actions on and off camera.

While the preview flashed back to Clayton for his answer, the video cut off. For Clayton’s answer back to Genevieve, tune in to tonight’s Women Tell All episode.

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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