The Bachelor: Jill Chin tells viewers what Shanae Ankney was really like

Jill Chin
Jill Chin dishes on how Shanae Ankney really acted in the house. Pic credit: @jillchin_/Instagram

Jill Chin, a contestant from Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, was eliminated on Week 4 but had plenty of time in the house with Shanae Ankney to dish to viewers what she was really like.

Jill was featured on Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson’s podcast called Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation, and she let them, as well as listeners, know what it was really like to live in a house with this season’s villain.

What did Jill Chin reveal to Bachelor Nation about the real Shanae?

It seems as if Jill tried a different approach with Shanae than most of the girls. In fact, Jill said on the podcast that she tried to extend a hand, and a listening ear, to Shanae multiple times while she was still in the house.

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Actually, Jill stated, “In the house, I thought she seemed a little crazy, but she wasn’t doing anything to me directly, so I just sat back. I reached out to her many times. I can’t say how many times I reached out to that woman saying that I knew she felt alienated in the house and I never wanted her to feel that way so she could come to me and we can talk it out.”

It sounds as if Jill was truly a sincere and compassionate person who wanted to extend some support to Shanae and actually tried to help her while she was on the show.

In fact, she went on to say, “It seemed like there was ‘something more’ going on to why she [Shanae] was ‘acting out.’” She also proceeded to say that she was constantly trying to figure Shanae out but just couldn’t manage to do so.

Jill told co-hosts Bryan and Mike, as well as fans, that, “Time and time again, I would ask her if she wanted to talk and she would just say ‘thank you’ and wouldn’t want to talk about it. At that point, I had to create a boundary for myself because it was just a one-sided relationship…So I had to step back from that and let her be the author of her own destiny.”

Jill was absolutely stunned and dismayed with Shanae’s behavior watching the show back

And the author of her own destiny she was…even Jill exclaimed how shocked she was by Shanae’s actions and words as she has watched the season back. Jill said that since Shanae just mostly kept to herself, she was astonished to see the things she was saying and doing in her off-camera confessionals.

Jill then said on the podcast that after seeing what she’s seen aired from the show, “My feelings about her have changed because when I left, I thought she was just troubled.”

It sounds as if Shanae could have had an ally and a friend in Jill; however, she chose to push her away instead of confiding in her and allowing herself that camaraderie and friendship. Is Shanae troubled like Jill initially thought? Is there something deeper going on there? Or was Shanae truly just acting out the villain role?

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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