The Bachelor: Genevieve Parisi speaks out after being called an actress on her 2-on-1 date

Genevieve Parisi
Genevieve Parisi dishes on The Bachelor Happy Hour about the 2-on-1 and Shanae. Pic credit: ABC

Genevieve Parisi just went on the dreaded 2-on-1 date with the even more dreaded villain of this season’s show, Shanae Ankney.

Genevieve appeared on The Bachelor Happy Hour this morning with co-hosts, Becca Kufrin and Serena Pitt to talk about her victory on Clayton Echard’s 2-on-1 date against the most disliked woman in the house, Shanae Ankney…as well as how she reacted to being called an “actress.”

As Becca and Serena started talking to Genevieve about the 2-on-1 date, Genevieve let them know that it had been a stressful week, but that she was glad it was her out of any of the women who were chosen for that particular date.

When asked why, Genevieve told the co-hosts, “I know I’m able to stand up for myself. The other women are amazing, but I don’t know if they were in that situation and Shanae was to pull something, like she did with me, how they would have reacted.”

How did Genevieve Parisi feel about being called an actress by Clayton Echard in last night’s episode?

Becca questioned Genevieve about when Clayton turned to her and asked, “Are you an actress? Are you lying to me?” She told Genevieve that she didn’t know how she didn’t just start laughing because it was so far from the truth. Becca went on to say, “I don’t know how you kept it together. I would have thought I was being punked!”

Genevieve exclaimed back, “Oh, for sure—I was shocked! I froze…I stuttered for like ten seconds…I think I said whoa…and then he walked away.”

Genevieve then went on to explain that Clayton had told her later on that he knew right away by the look on her face that she was not, and never had been, lying to him.

Becca then proceeded to tell Genevieve that the delivery of the wording and how he asked would have been a turn-off for her and that she would have been totally offended. She told Genevieve that Clayton should have pulled her aside, and not done that in front of Shanae.

Genevieve agreed emphatically, and she then reinforced the fact that he could have spoken to her privately, and that it was upsetting to have him question her validity and integrity when all she has been the whole time is real to Clayton and to everyone else.

How did Genevieve prepare for this 2-on-1 date knowing she was competing with Shanae Ankney?

When it came time to actually go into the 2-on-1 date, Genevieve said, “I was pretty level-headed and told myself to just treat it like a 1-on-1. I told myself I had done nothing wrong, and I was myself the entire time—I’ve been my true self. She has not. She has thrown trophies and been so ridiculous to a lot of the women.”

Genevieve let Becca and Serena, and all of the listeners know, “I was in good spirits. I was nervous because I knew it was going to be uncomfortable, but I had high hopes because I felt a strong connection with Clayton, and I felt like it was time for Shanae to go and for him to see her true self. That’s what I was hoping for.”

Serena then asked Genevieve how confident she was going into the 2-on-1, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most confident. She also reiterated the fact that we all know Shanae was at a 12 and thought she was a sure thing to get the rose.

Genevieve actually said she was at an eight and felt pretty confident going into the date with Shanae and Clayton. She also disclosed that Susie Evans, another woman in the house, had told Genevieve before she left, “If Shanae comes back and you don’t, I’m going to take our (talking about she and Clayton) relationship less seriously.”

How did Genevieve get through the stress of the date and experience?

As the interview continued on, Genevieve talked about how she went into the date with a positive attitude and told herself to have fun and be herself. Shanae, on the other hand, had been rehearsing and planning everything she was going to say and do in order to get Clayton to choose her.

Genevieve revealed on The Bachelor Happy Hour that she was nervous, but confident, about going on the date alongside Shanae. Bachelor Nation is thanking you, Genevieve, for finally being the person to send this season’s villain home for good.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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