The Bachelor fans had a lot to say about Clayton Echard’s hoodie with a sports coat look

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard is the talk of Bachelor Nation with his fashion sense. Pic credit: @claytonechard/Instagram

Fans all throughout Bachelor Nation are putting in their two cents about Clayton Echard’s fashion statements.

What is Clayton Echard wearing on the show?

Is Clayton choosing to wear a hoodie with a sports coat himself, or is someone putting the clothes together for him from the crew? We know they have people on the show who help with this, but someone is clearly making the wrong decision here according to fans.

Either way, it’s got to go according to viewers. They are super confused about this faux pas and are begging to know who is in charge of his fashion and putting together his outfits for these group dates and one-on-ones.

Not only did Clayton wear this combo on his first group date when he wore a gray hoodie underneath a navy blue checked blazer, but he also sported the look in last night’s episode on group date number two. This one was a cream-colored and white combo of a hoodie and blazer.

Fans weigh in on Clayton’s fashion choices

Please, what is going on? Fans have been weighing in, and the Twitter world has erupted, discussing why Clayton is wearing what he has on.

The following tweets express fans’ bewilderment and commotion on social media.

At least they are finding humor in the roasting of Clayton’s fashion trends.

Pic credit: @Maddi_Dep/Twitter
Pic credit: @AnneDaw84868214/Twitter

Clayton has already taken some heat from Bachelor fans on the villainous girls this season. Thankfully, he sent one of the two home on last night’s Episode 3 when he blindsided Cassidy by taking away the rose he had already given her and sent her packing.

Well, actually Cassidy hadn’t packed a thing because she never thought she was going home, especially with a rose in her hand. Even though she had revealed to other contestants that she had a man waiting for her back home if things didn’t work out, she thought she was untouchable.

Fans are shocked that Shanae is still around and want her gone. Shanae has caused unnecessary drama with girls in the house through her lies and deceit. And right now, Clayton is biting.

Clayton, not only is Bachelor Nation starting to question your decisions, like keeping Shanae, but now they are inquiring about your fashion statements. Please, please fill us in on why.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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