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The Bachelor couple Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert investigated over $1 million fantasy sports cheating claims

Jade Roper
Jade Roper and her husband Tanner are being investigated. Pic credit: @jadelizroper/Instagram

Jade Roper and her husband Tanner Tolbert are under investigation after winning $1 million in DraftKings’ Fantasy Football on Sunday.

The contest allows 150 entries per person, but theoretically, you can team up with someone and submit 300 entries by strategically picking players to cover all bases. Right now, DraftKings has to determine whether Jade and Tanner worked together to win the million or if their picks were indeed honest and individual.

“It was pretty obvious that they really built 300 lineups together and entered 150 apiece in multiple accounts,” fantasy sports analyst Jeff Mans said on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, according to USA Today.

Tanner has also been outspoken about the winnings, chatting with ESPN on Monday about the winnings. He claims that no one would have said anything if he had won.

“We each put in our separate players, in our separate accounts and rooted for own players,” he told ESPN. “No one has ever said a peep about us when we lost for 17 straight weeks. Then, of course, somehow Jade picked the right lineup, got the million and the spotlight got shone on it. And people, especially since she’s a woman, assume that I do it all for her. If I had won, I bet no one would’ve raised a flag.”

As for DraftKings, a spokesperson has revealed that they are looking into this matter.

As Monsters & Critics reported yesterday, Jade won $1 million with the perfect Fantasy Football lineup during Sunday’s matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the Philadelphia Eagles. She had played DK Metcalf despite advice from her husband, and Metcalf ended up performing well.

However, it didn’t take long for the couple to be accused of cheating, as people were convinced that she and her husband had planned out their picks to cover as many outcomes as possible.

In the DraftKings’ community guidelines, one of the first “unacceptable behaviors” is  “team-building complementary lineups which serve to work together AND executing a strategy that may create any unfair advantage over individual play. (Example A: You and 2 of your friends coordinate the makeup of the lineups you build AND coordinate which contests you enter using them.)”

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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