The Bachelor: Clayton says he’ll pick whoever he loves the most

Clayton Echard
Clayton tells Gabby and Rachel he’ll pick whoever he loves the most. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor, Clayton Echard, is down to his final two women, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia, after he sent Susie Evans home last week.

After he talked with The Bachelor host, Jesse Palmer, Clayton decided that he would tell both Rachel and Gabby the truth at the next rose ceremony.

He revealed to Jesse that he had to be one hundred percent honest and open with them because he is in love with both of them and was intimate with both of them.

What does the new Bachelor preview reveal?

In the most recent preview, Clayton can be seen telling one of the women, or possibly both, that he will pick whoever he loves the most.

Rachel and Gabby can be seen reacting to what we, as viewers, can assume was the phrase that Clayton just let loose.

Rachel can be seen in an off-camera confessional crying and exclaiming, “How do you even say this out loud?”

Flash forward to Gabby, and fans can see her in an off-camera video, crossing her arms, shaking her head, and angrily stating, “Wrong answer.”

In the last scene of the preview, Clayton was sitting alone as he thought about what had just happened, what he told the two remaining women, and how they reacted to his news.

What happened last week with Susie Evans and Clayton Echard?

After last week’s episode, Clayton received a great deal of Bachelor Nation backlash from both fans and alums regarding how he treated Susie Evans on their overnight date.

Before the fantasy suite card came out, viewers could see Clayton tell Susie that he was falling in love with her. Susie, surprised that he just said that to her, then says she has some non-negotiables before she can move forward.

After telling Clayton that it would be a deal-breaker if he had told the other two women the same thing or had been intimate with them, a heated discussion ensues between the duo.

Trying to reveal her feelings to him backfires on Susie, as Clayton then gets angry with her. Fans accused Clayton of gaslighting Susie, which he responded was not true.

How will Clayton Echard’s journey end?

Fans speculate that Susie might come back as part of the shocking two-night finale. According to Mike Fleiss, The Bachelor creator, and Jesse Palmer, this is a spoiler-proof finale. In fact, Clayton said he has not yet seen one person who has guessed how it ends.

Moreover, Nick Viall just released a video yesterday that he saw the season finale early, and it seemed like he had just been stunned into silence, which Bachelor Nation knows doesn’t ever happen.

What will happen tonight and tomorrow night, and how will Clayton’s journey end? Perhaps it might be the most dramatic season yet.

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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