The Bachelor: Clayton comes clean on why he broke up with Gabby and Rachel at the same time

Clayton, Gabby, and Rachel
Clayton reveals why he jointly broke up with Gabby and Rachel. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard truly may have just had the most dramatic season of The Bachelor yet. Not only did he receive backlash for telling three women he was in love with him, but he was intimate with two women as well.

After Susie left the show, involving some controversial words and actions from Clayton, Clayton was distraught. However, after Gabby and Rachel met Clayton’s parents, he couldn’t get Susie off his mind. Thus, he decided to break it off with Gabby and Rachel, and go after Susie.

Most people don’t break up with two girls at the same time, but Clayton literally did. He jointly broke up with Rachel and Gabby, and now he has come clean to justify why he did this.

Clayton reveals why he jointly broke up with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia

While on the Bachelor Happy Hour with co-hosts Becca Kufrin and Serena Pitt, Clayton told them and listeners, “When I first broke the news to them about Susie and what occurred with her, I saw how the two of them reacted, or they were, you know, they were distraught, but then toward the end, as I was hanging out with the final two roses, they were holding each other consoling each other.”

Clayton went on to say that Gabby and Rachel seemed to be able to help each other, lean on each other, and comfort each other when that had happened. Therefore, Clayton thought he should break up with them together so they had one another before he went off to try and reconcile things with Susie.

He said he thought to himself, “’Well, in that moment, the last time you did this, they were there for each other, they were hugging each other, they were just reassuring each other.’ … And it was tough … My hope was that they could console each other and then once they wanted to talk to me individually, we could step aside and talk privately.”

While trying to rationalize this theory in his mind, and with the women, it seemed to Clayton at the time like a good idea. Gabby and Rachel did, in fact, lean on each other during and after the show was filmed and aired.

How did Susie Evans feel toward Gabby and Rachel?

Susie Evans is now Clayton’s girlfriend after they reconciled and sat in the hot seat together during the After The Final Rose. Susie went on a podcast and talked about the season, Clayton, and the last few weeks of the show.

On Viall Files, with host Nick Viall, Susie seemed genuine and compassionate toward Gabby and Rachel and both of their feelings. She stated that “The breakup with Gabby and Rachel – that broke my heart. And then, yeah, I got to see him on stage with them and that also was just hard to watch.”

Hopefully, moving forward, everyone can find the happiness they deserve. Clayton and Susie are moving forward, and so are Gabby and Rachel, as they were named co-Bachelorettes for the next season of The Bachelorette, which will air in June.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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Gabby looks kind of like grizella from Cinderella to me. Just wondering if anyone else thinks this