Tensions arise over Gia Giudice and John Fuda in RHONJ preview

RHONJ's John Fuda and Gia Giudice screenshot
John Fuda and Gia Giudice cause tension among the cast. Pic credit: Bravo

Get ready for another drama-filled episode of The Real Housewives of Jersey and we’re not talking about the aftermath of Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin’s recent brawl.

That will play out as well, but we’re talking about John Fuda and Gia Giudice.

A preview clip shows the cast gathered at an event and tensions arise over discussions about John and Gia.

Jenn Fessler tried to explain that she was defending John during a conversation with Gia and the revelation had Rachel Fuda fuming.

Margaret Josephs and Melissa Gorga also threw in their two cents, telling Jenn that she should have never mentioned John’s name around the 23-year-old.

Meanwhile, viewers are already chiming in on the preview clip and they’re siding with Gia.

Tensions arise over Gia Giudice and John Fuda in RHONJ Episode 9 preview

John Fuda mentioned Gia in the latest episode — referencing Jackie Goldschneider’s drug analogy after Teresa called him a drug dealer.

It’s no surprise that word got back to the Giudice’s and now things are escalating once again.

A preview clip for Episode 9, titled, Behind Frenemy Lines features a Boujie Kids relaunch party hosted by Danielle Cabral.

Most of the women are in attendance, including Melissa Gorga, Margaret Josephs, Jennifer Fessler, Dolores Catania as well as Gia and Teresa Giudice.

However, things quickly turn sour when Jenn mentions a conversation she had with Gia about John Fuda.

“I was explaining to Gia and Teresa that John Fuda would never bring up Gia’s name,” Jenn tells the women, prompting Rachel to storm off. Rachel tells Jenn, “You’re obsessed with me.”

“Why were you talking about John Fuda? You know that’s gonna piss her off,” exclaims Melissa.

“What is wrong with this woman?” says a frustrated Rachel in her confessional. “We’ve asked you multiple times ‘Do not get involved.’ What part of ‘don’t defend my husband’ are you not understanding? “

Here’s why viewers are defending Gia Giudice

Meanwhile, this time around RHONJ fans are defending Gia since John was the one who brought her name into the mix.

“Gia’s name came out of John’s mouth – she 100% has a right to speak up,” reasoned a commenter.

John referencing Gia analogy didn’t even make sense….so yea Gia got every right to ask why John Fupa mentioned her name,” stated someone else.

“Didn’t John mention Gia’s name during the Gorgas housewarming party? No need for him to mention her name. Period,” another commenter said.

RHONJ fans defend Gia Giudice on Instagram
Pic credit: @rhonjobsessed/Instagram

An Instagram user wrote, “So let me get this straight. John fuda can bring up Gia, but gia can’t have an opinion on it ??? Smh worst season ever!”

“My freaking God, Gia is NOT a child. This is not the 50s,” exclaimed someone else. “She’s entitled to have opinions, speak and defend herself / family.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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5 days ago

She is a spoiled brat!

Julie Julie
Julie Julie
5 days ago

John fuda messing with the wrong person. If Gia’s Dad hears this he will find his way to New Jersey and it will get ugly.

3 days ago

Guys put Jen, Thresa, Monica in a show. It would be Called: Housewife’s of Toxins!!!
The kids!!! Kids no matter how old they are, should NOT be at the ADULTS events & involved in adults convo’s. Find and sit with your age group.