Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers bash Amber Portwood’s ex Andrew Glennon for trashing her house

Andrew Glennon and Amber Portwood
Andrew trashed Amber’s former home, and Teen Mom fans were outraged. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers are outraged after seeing the condition in which Andrew Glennon left Amber Portwood’s former home.

During the November 8 episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Amber visited her former Indiana home that she once shared with Andrew and their son James.

After a judge awarded Andrew custody, allowing him to move to California with James, Amber returned to the house to gather some of her things.

Amber brought along her daughter Leah Shirley, her ex, Gary Shirley, his wife, Kristina Shirley, and their daughter Emilee.

When they entered the home, they were shocked to discover that it reeked of urine and was destroyed, with holes in the walls and trash strewn about, and it looked as though no one had cared for it in years.

Following the episode, disgruntled Teen Mom viewers took to Twitter, where they sounded off regarding Andrew’s negligence, both regarding the condition of Amber’s former home and their son James’ living conditions.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers slam Andrew Glennon for destroying Amber Portwood’s home

One viewer felt there has always been “something off” about Andrew, calling the state of the house “disgusting.”

“Look at what that fat slob Andrew did to that beautiful home,” tweeted another critic who wondered if the courts ever did an inspection visit at the house.

Teen Mom viewers call out Andrew Glennon on Twitter for destroying Amber Portwood's house.
Pic credit: @ATall_why/@RealityQueennn/@xt_tho/@sexeescorpion/Twitter

One viewer tweeted they were glad MTV put Andrew “on blast,” also calling the home’s condition “disgusting.”

One of Amber’s supporters felt she should have taken photos of the home and brought them to the court to regain James’s custody. “James is not living in safe or sanitary conditions!” they wrote.

James is living in California with Andrew per the judge’s custody ruling

In July 2022, Amber lost custody of 4-year-old James after a judge awarded Andrew sole legal and primary physical custody. Andrew’s petition to move to California was also approved; he and James live in California with Andrew’s mom, Charmaine Witus.

During Tuesday’s episode, Leah was upset that she didn’t know when she would physically see her little brother again. Amber’s ex Gary and his wife, Kristina were supportive, offering to help her move her things out of her former home. They also felt that taking James away from his mom and sister wasn’t in his best interests.

Upon learning of the custody ruling over the summer, Amber and Andrew each responded publicly. Andrew kept his short, telling E! News, “We endured the nightmare. Now we get to live the dream.”

Amber was distraught and told E! News and her fans, “I’ll never stop fighting for my children, who I love more than anything.”

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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1 year ago

Andrew should have to pay for all of the damage he did to Amber’s house! He should also have to pay to replace the furniture, and the cleaning bill! In addition, he should have to pay for the uncared for lawn/yard. This guy is a user! He took advantage of Amber just to line his pockets with her money! He is a disgusting pig! Hey Andrew karma says she is having a drink, & sharpening her nails, & she will be with you shortly.

Patricia Alatorre
Patricia Alatorre
1 year ago

Amber hopecyou took video and notified cps. And have your lawyer appeal. God be with you all.