Teen Mom: The Next Chapter: Briana DeJesus talks living on her own, the state of her mental health

Briana DeJesus MTV still
Briana opened up to her fans about her mental health and living independently for the first time. Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus is living on her own for the first time, and the Teen Mom star opened up about her experience to her fans and the state of her mental health.

This season on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Briana disclosed that she was leaving behind the home she has shared with her mom, Roxanne, and her sister, Brittany, to live with her daughters, Nova and Stella.

During the November 15 episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Briana moved into her new home with the help of her former MTV security guard boyfriend, Bobby Scott.

Following the episode, Briana took to her Instagram Stories, where she answered questions from curious fans about her personal life in a Q&A titled, “Ask me a question.”

One of Briana’s 1.2 million followers wanted to know, “Do you miss living at home/regret moving out?”

According to the MTV star, she has mixed feelings about it. She told her fans, “Living alone is hard but i’m enjoying my peace.”

Briana DeJesus dishes on moving out of the home she shared with mom Roxanne and sister Brittany

Briana previously shared that she had moved out in August 2022, ahead of the premiere of Season 1 of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. She seemingly had a change of heart, as she told her fans in August 2021 that she wanted to leave Florida behind for Texas.

briana dejesus' IG story slides about moving and mental health
Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

At the time, Briana stated that she had moved out but hadn’t had time to enjoy her new space yet. Briana said her home was almost always occupied by MTV’s film crews and family and friends visiting.

“Either ppl r over, filming/working or emergencies. I cant wait for the day I do absolutely nothing,” she wrote.

Teen Mom star Briana’s mental health issues

For the next question, another curious fan asked Briana about her mental health.

Rather than typing a reply, Briana simply used a gif of a woman giving two thumbs down, indicating that she’s currently suffering with her mental health.

This season on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Briana shared that she was diagnosed with bipolar depression. She had complained about some of the common symptoms of depression and, after visiting a healthcare professional, revealed the diagnosis to her mom Roxanne and sister Brittany.

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1 year ago

Briana is a messy person. She has told so many lies to keep a fake story line going. She has took to social media to bully people. Briana took in bully Kaitlyn about a mental health. Briana lie about being racist profile. It is amazing how Teen Mom make fun of mental health and mental illiness.