Teen Mom OG: Farrah Abraham getting a psych evaluation and brain scan on next person she dates

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham talks about what she’ll do before her next relationship. Pic credit: MTV

Farrah Abraham doesn’t do much to surprise Teen Mom OG fans anymore, as she has announced she’ll be working to become a stand-up comedian, has hinted she should be in Sports Illustrated because she has such an amazing body, and has been flaunting her barely covered body all over the place.

These headlines have come about after her stay at the trauma treatment center, which she said has helped her turn over a new leaf and do the things she wants to do.

While Farrah hasn’t seemed to date much in the public eye or talked about her relationships and being with anyone, she was recently in a relationship that was talked about and revealed.

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However, after that recent fallout, Farrah has announced something new she will be doing from here on out when it comes to her potential boyfriends and relationships.

Farrah Abraham reveals what she will do before getting into another relationship in the future

Farrah has just come out and said that, from here on out, anyone she dates would first be subjected to a psych evaluation and a brain scan before she can move forward with them.

This has come less than two weeks after Farrah reportedly was dating a guitarist named Mack Lovat from the band Minus Gravity.

While he was called Farrah’s mystery man while the two had a date in the park, complete with a steamy make-out session, they also went out for a sushi dinner.

However, Farrah revealed this mystery man’s identity after she broke up with him shortly after and publicly stated that Mack could not handle the attention in public and later claimed they were never in an actual relationship.

Farrah revealed nude pics Mack Lovat sent her and commented on it

Farrah, also a social media influencer, took to social media to blast Mack after he sent her nudes to her phone.

After getting them, Farrah had some words for her now former flame, as she posted the photo and wrote, “I get the universes message. Don’t give anyone a chance anymore, don’t let people come out in public, unless they are public, & globally know or I’ll have some one telling me were dating but to the world they don’t know me.”

She went on to post, “Right clown (clown emoji) don’t send me d*** pics! Get some f***ing help & keep my name out of your mouth! You were blocked for a reason! Gross.”

Farrah Abraham calls out her former relationship after he sent her nudes and she broke it off.
Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

She then wrote more below the screenshot and the leaked photo. Farrah stated, “Hopefully I helped Adderall & Xanax To stop talking.. check your substances & Mental health Next time I date their Getting a physche eval & brain scan. Health is wealth.”

Time will tell if Farrah follows through with this new dating rule. Stay tuned to see who, if anyone, dates her next.

Teen Mom OG is currently on a hiatus.

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1 year ago

Just for saying the sh*t that she says, she is a total nutjob. She needs monthly brain scans!