Teen Mom OG fans blast Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra for calling Carly their daughter

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG
On a Teen Mom post that Tyler Baltierra retweeted, trolls called out Tyler and Catelynn for calling Carly their daughter. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra retweeted one of Teen Mom’s posts from the reunion special, and trolls blasted him and his wife, Catelynn for referring to their firstborn, Carly as their daughter.

During their segment on the Teen Mom OG reunion, Catelynn and Tyler talked about their relationship with their firstborn daughter, Carly, and her adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa.

Tyler and Catelynn recently addressed their relationship with Carly and her adoptive parents

Tyler explained that he is reluctant to reach out to Carly because he’s afraid that Brandon and Teresa might misinterpret his words and intentions. He said, “I don’t, sometimes, I don’t trust my own words. I don’t trust how I say things.”

“I don’t really trust myself and how I’m going to explain something and if that’s gonna match up with how Brandon and Teresa really want her to get that information.”

Catelynn wasn’t afraid to reach out to Carly and even sent her a handwritten letter during an episode earlier this season. But during the reunion episode, Catelynn got candid when she told host Dr. Drew about their relationship with Carly.

“It’s because, too, because in a snap of a finger they can take everything away,” Catelynn revealed.

Catelynn and Tyler placed Carly for adoption in 2009 during an episode of 16 and Pregnant at just 17 years old. They’ve since been open about their choice to place Carly with her birth parents, and it hasn’t always been an easy journey for the parents to navigate.

Tyler’s retweet showed him saying, ‘Thank you for giving my daughter the life that she has’

In the gif that Teen Mom originally shared last week, Tyler and Catelynn were seated on the reunion couch as Tyler told cameras, “Thank you for giving my daughter the life that she has,” with the caption, “She would not have anything if it wasn’t for them.”

Though Tyler retweeted the post, highlighting his gratitude towards Carly’s adoptive parents, not all of Teen Mom’s fans shared his outlook.

Trolls didn’t feel Tyler and Catelynn should call Carly their daughter

One troll commented on the tweet, “They don’t have the right to call her their daughter…”

When another fan replied, “Why ? she will always be their daugther,” the troll responded again.

“Biologically yes but she is someone else’s daughter and there’s a level of sensitivity in word choices. And to say ‘thank you for doing this for MY daughter’ as if he still has ownership is insensitive,” they wrote.

Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG on Teen Mom's Twitter page
One troll commented that Tyler and Catelynn don’t have the “right” to call Carly their daughter. Pic credit: @TeenMom/Twitter

Trolls spoke out against Catelynn and Tyler for other reasons

One wrote, “coodles [sic] to you bc I know you could have said worse, bc I think the worse of THEM !”

Another Teen Mom fan brought up the fact that Catelynn was called out last week for sharing a “disgusting” clickbait article that seemed to imply that Carly had died.

They said, “yooo u used her for clickbait earlier today and turned the comments off .”

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom 2 on Teen Mom's Twitter
More fans spoke out about Catelynn and Tyler. Pic credit: @TeenMom/Twitter

More fans spoke out about the Baltierra’s referring to Carly as their daughter

One troll wrote, “They need to stop saying ‘my daughter.'”

When other fans asked why, they continued, “Yes but being a parent isn’t just about blood. They gave up the right to call her their daughter.”

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG on Teen Mom's Twitter page
Another troll felt that Catelynn and Tyler should stop referring to Carly as their daughter. Pic credit: @TeenMom/Twitter

This wasn’t the first time the couple has taken heat for their decision to place Carly for adoption. Catelynn responded to another troll who called her and Tyler “trash” for placing Carly for adoption last week.

Catelynn and Tyler certainly had a tough choice to make at such a young age when they decided to place Carly for adoption, but they’ve both overcome a lot as a couple and continue to support and appreciate each other every step of the way.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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