Teen Mom OG fans aren’t surprised Bentley didn’t refer to Ryan Edwards as ‘Dad’

Bentley and Ryan Edwards formerly of Teen Mom 2
Bentley referred to his dad Ryan by his first name and Teen Mom OG fans weren’t surprised. Pic credit: MTV

Ryan Edwards made an appearance on this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG and when his son Bentley referred to him by his first name, viewers weren’t surprised.

Teen Mom OG fans watched a scene where Maci Bookout picked up Bentley from a therapy session.

At the time the episode aired, Bentley had been attending therapy for nine months, focusing on how to cope with his estranged relationship with his dad, Ryan.

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Maci asked Bentley some questions about his session and not surprisingly, Bentley referred to his dad as “Ryan.”

Ryan, who demanded MTV pay him for his appearances on Teen Mom OG this season, was supposed to attend therapy sessions with his son but has yet to honor his commitment, as Bentley explained to Maci.

Teen Mom OG fans not surprised Bentley didn’t call Ryan his dad

After the episode, Teen Mom OG fans flocked to Twitter to discuss the episode, and many of them pointed out that Bentley didn’t call Ryan his dad, not surprisingly.

“S**t, when Bentley called his sperm donor Ryan I literally yelled, ‘Oop!’. Talk about nail in the coffin,” commented one Teen Mom OG fan.

Another Teen Mom OG viewer commented, “I just noticed Bentley calls Ryan by his name and not dad.”

“Bentley just called his dad Ryan, that speaks volumes about his feelings towards him,” commented another fan of Teen Mom OG.

“Bentley said Ryan, not dad. #TeenMomOg are we surprised[?]” another Teen Mom OG viewer asked, rhetorically.

teen mom og fans weren't surprised bentley didn't call ryan his dad on twitter
Pic credit: @AmandaLynne28/Twitter and @4everLatalia/Twitter

Mackenzie Edwards’ attempts to reconcile shot down by Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout

Also during last night’s episode, Ryan’s wife Mackenzie Edwards sent a text (at Ryan’s urging) to Maci asking to meet up to talk things over and try to reconcile their relationship.

Maci’s reaction when she received Mackenzie’s text was one of exasperation and she chose not to respond.

Maci talked with In Touch Weekly recently about the reason she decided not to reply to Mackenzie.

“Yes, she texted me twice. Once, like, early this year — had to have been March because we were at a wrestling tournament — and then again, probably about a month ago,” Maci revealed.

“And quite frankly, I didn’t respond because, number one, I feel like if I’m going to put in the effort and the work to mend my relationship with them, she would not be where I start,” Maci added.

The 30-year-old mom of three continued, “And I’m truly not being ugly, it’s just that she would be last on the priority list as far as, you know Jen, Larry, and Ryan go. And also I haven’t responded because she is obviously still talking to the tabloids so it’s not really someone I wanna hang out with.”

Bentley and Ryan’s relationship has been a topic of contention among Teen Mom OG fans for a while now. Now that Ryan, Mackenzie, and his parents Jen and Larry have been fired from MTV, it’ll be interesting to see how much of his relationship with Bentley is aired as part of Maci’s storyline moving forward.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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