Maci Bookout reveals why she hasn’t responded to Mackenzie Edwards, say it’s ‘last on the priority list’

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout says Mackenzie Edwards is not high on her priority list
Maci Bookout is in no hurry to make amends with Mackenzie Edwards. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout is in no rush to make amends with Mackenzie Edwards and she made that very clear during a recent interview. Tensions have been running high between Maci and the Edwards family for quite some time but things intensified last season and downright exploded during the reunion.

Ryan and Mackenzie didn’t want to face Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney at the reunion so Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry appeared instead. However, that was not a good idea because things got volatile on the stage between Taylor and Larry.

A few months later news broke that Ryan, Mackenzie, Larry, and Jen were all fired from the show and Mackenzie recently noted that she has no desire to return. However, she does want to make peace with Maci and has reached out to the MTV star, but that proved unsuccessful.

Maci Bookout says Mackenzie Edwards is not a priority

The Teen Mom OG cast member had a recent chat with In Touch Weekly as she gears up for the premiere of the new season. While Mackenzie and Ryan will not be featured on the show, their name was still a topic of conversation during the interview.

Maci confirmed that Mackenzie has indeed reached out to her, but there doesn’t appear to be a reconciliation in the works.

Yes, she texted me twice,” noted Maci. “Once, like, early this year — had to have been March because we were at a wrestling tournament — and then again, probably about a month ago. And quite frankly I didn’t respond because, number one, I feel like if I’m going to put in the effort and the work to mend my relationship with them, she would not be where I start.”

Maci continued, “And I’m truly not being ugly, it’s just that she would be last on the priority list as far as, you know Jen, Larry, and Ryan go. And also I haven’t responded because she is obviously still talking to the tabloids so it’s not really someone I wanna hang out with.”

Is Maci Bookout bothered by the tabloids?

During her chat with the media outlet, the Teen Mom OG star was asked if she still communicates with Ryan or his family.

“No, not at this time and haven’t for a while,” confessed Maci.

She also opened up about Ryan and Mackenzie talking about her to the tabloids. Just this week the couple have spoken out at least twice to The Sun about Maci but she’s not letting that get the best of her.

“I really don’t deal with it, I just laugh it off, I don’t read anything I just get text messages about it or tweets about it or something and I’m like alright cool, it’s another day what’s new.”

Teen Mom OG premieres Tuesday, September 7 at 8/7c on MTV.

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