Teen Mom OG: Cheyenne admits she and Zach waited 10 years to have sex

Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom OG
Cheyenne talked about sex and The Challenge on part one of the Teen Mo OG reunion. Pic credit: MTV

Cheyenne Floyd was glowing and calm during her appearance on the first half of the Teen Mom OG reunion special and talked about her and Zach’s long period of abstinence and how The Challenge is important to her.

Host Dr. Drew asked about Cheyenne previously stating she wanted to do things differently than she did with Ryder’s pregnancy and get married this time.

Cheyenne revealed that she and Zach are getting married

Cheyenne divulged that nothing had happened yet, as far as tying the know with beau, Zach. But she said, “We are getting married. Just give me a couple months, guys, and we’ll come back to this conversation.”

When host Nessa brought up the topic of wanting a shiny ring like viewers saw in an episode this season, Cheyenne explained what’s more important than the ring itself.

“The representation of marriage, and the commitment that you’re making to yourselves and a faithful commitment to God, so um, I hope that conversation doesn’t get taken out of context.”

Cheyenne and Zach had a virtual ring consultation in one of this season’s episodes, which later caused Cheyenne to clarify that MTV edited out parts of the scene. Cheyenne has since partnered with the same jewelry company and has designed a Mommy and Me jewelry line with Ryder.

Zach joined Cheyenne on the couch for the next part of her interview

Cheyenne also revealed that she and Zach are currently living together, and when Dr. Drew asked how that was going, Cheyenne and Zach were honest and lighthearted about their differences.

Cheyenne and Zach both said they disagree about issues involving living together. Cheyenne claimed Zach has OCD and is “so freaking clean.” She joked that he follows Ryder around with a Swiffer.

When talking about their early friendship, which started when they were just 16 years old, Cheyenne revealed that she and Zach waited a decade before having sex.

She admitted that the two were literally just friends so they built a really strong platonic relationship for 10 years before becoming romantic.

Zach explained that when he came around during Cheyenne’s pregnancy with Ryder, it was solely to be a support for her, nothing romantically involved.

Cory joined Cheyenne after Zach’s segment, to talk about co-parenting

When asked by Dr. Drew about missing Ryder or having regrets about being away so long filming The Challenge, Cory admitted that he didn’t complain about it because so many people don’t have jobs, so he was fortunate and grateful for the opportunity.

After Dr. Drew asked about it, Cheyenne clarified comments she had made previously about Cory eventually choosing between The Challenge and his family.

Cheyenne revealed that The Challenge “holds a special place” in her heart because she and Cory met on The Challenge, and they have Ryder because of The Challenge. Ryder missed Cory and was happy this season to be able to video call her dad while he was away.

Dr. Drew asked Cheyenne why she didn’t tell Cory she got back with Zach. Cheyenne said it wasn’t some “big conspiracy” or secret.

Cory revealed he was happy about Cheyenne and Zach’s relationship. He thinks they’re happy together, are great parents to Ryder, and said, “As long as Cheyenne is good, I’m good.”

Dr. Drew asked Cory if he wanted more kids, and he emphatically answered yes, and specified that he wants a whole football team. Cory disclosed that his girls are “beautiful angels” but he wants a boy.

Cheyenne has plenty to look forward to this summer with the arrival of her first son

Fans have adored watching Cheyenne and Cory’s co-parenting relationship.

Cheyenne and Zach are expecting their first child together, baby boy Ace, early this summer. Cheyenne has revealed that she’s had a rough pregnancy this time around.

Part 2 of the Teen Mom OG reunion airs on Tuesday, April 27 at 8/7c on MTV.

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