Teen Mom OG arrest: Cheyenne Floyd’s fiance Zach Davis arrested for outstanding warrants

Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis of Teen Mom OG
Cheyenne Floyd’s fiance Zach Davis was arrested for outstanding warrants when they arrived home from a recent Mexican getaway. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Zach Davis was arrested when he and his fiancee Cheyenne Floyd returned from a Mexican getaway.

Cheyenne and Zach recently traveled to Mexico with their kids Ryder and Ace and some other family members for an early January tropical vacation.

Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd’s fiance Zach Davis arrested

However, it’s been reported that upon their return from Mexico to the US, Zach was busted while going through customs at LAX.

According to TMZ, law enforcement officials told the outlet that Zach was taken into custody for outstanding arrest warrants discovered by customs agents.

The sources said that Zach violated probation for charges involving theft and a DUI, triggering the warrants and his arrest.

Reportedly, Zach was taken into custody on January 3 when he was booked, briefly detained, then released.

Teen Mom OG fans react to Zach Davis’ arrest

Teen Mom Family Reunion fans on Reddit had plenty of comments after learning of the news.

One Teen Mom OG viewer felt that Cheyenne tries to portray a certain image online and Zach’s arrest will tarnish that.

“Cheyenne is not going to be happy about this,” the Redditor wrote. “She loves trying to sell the perfect relationship/family story. This being out in the public is going to make her real mad. Wonder what she’ll do.”

teen mom og fans on reddit discussed cheyenne floyd's fiance zach davis getting arrested
Pic credit: u/trumansayshi/Reddit

Another Redditor chimed in, “Ooooooogirl, you know Chey is pi**ed!”

One Teen Mom OG viewer referenced the scene last season when Cheyenne lost her temper in the car and screamed at Zach after he missed hearing their unborn baby’s heartbeat at the doctor’s office (which wasn’t his fault).

“She must be! To ruin her ‘Zach and Cheyenne Redemption’ arc, she must be livid,” the comment read. “If we thought her screeching in the car was bad, I bet his trip home from lock up was a really fun ride!”

Cheyenne hasn’t mentioned anything about Zach’s arrest on social media and some Redditors questioned the timing of Zach’s arrest, especially since Cheyenne posted her Mexican getaway pics on Instagram the same day Zach was arrested.

redditors question the timing of zach davis' january 2022 arrest
Pic credit: u/trumansayshi/Reddit

“We need dates!” commented one curious Teen Mom Family Reunion viewer. “I wonder if these crimes happened while they were broken up or could be the reason for their break up (back when they were first on the show). I wonder if Cheyenne even knew.”

Another Redditor asked, “I’m confused because the only date mentioned in the article says he was arrested Jan 3rd… so when did this happen?”

“I hope TMZ is digging for all those records right now,” commented another Redditor who wanted receipts of Zach’s criminal history.

Neither Cheyenne nor Zach have responded to requests from TMZ for comment as of the date of this article.

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