Teen Mom Family Reunion: Jade Cline shares her views on Farrah Abraham’s ‘ghetto’ comment in latest episode

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Jade Cline speaks out after Farrah Abraham's "ghetto" comment.
Jade Cline speaks on the Farrah Abraham controversy. Pic credit: MTV

Jadie Cline is the latest Teen Mom Family Reunion star to comment on Farrah Abraham’s controversial appearance on the show.

Farrah caused quite an explosion when she referred to Cory Wharton as “ghetto” during their argument. The term didn’t sit well with some people and she got a ton of backlash on social media.

Following the episode, Jade responded to a viewer about Farrah’s choice of words and expressed that the situation would have had a different result if Farrah had not made that remark.

Jade Cline speaks on Farrah Abraham’s ‘ghetto’ comment

The Teen Mom Family Reunion star welcomed comments and feedback on her Instagram Story about the latest episode. One commenter felt that Farrah’s “ghetto” comment was unnecessary and Jade agreed.

“Yeah I think it would have went differently if that comment wasn’t made initially,” responded Jade. “It came off as rude and offensive. There were a lot of other ways that convo between her and Cory could have went.”

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Jade Cline speaks on Farrah Abraham
Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

Cory confronted Farrah after she claimed he and Cheyenne had a baby to get cast on the show. However, Farrah did not want to have that conversation so she insulted him instead.

Farrah’s comment about Cory being ghetto did not sit well with Cheyenne Floyd who lashed out at the Teen Mom OG alum and even flipped a table. Cast member Ashley Jones also took to social media to blast Farrah for throwing out the “racial slur” at Corey.

As for Jade, she believes that if Farrah took accountability for her actions the entire scene would have played out differently.

“I think if she was just accountable and apologetic from the get it would have went way better,” said Jade. “I think all of us were at a point of growth and would be able to accept a sincere apology and just move on. But it didn’t go that way lol.”

Farrah Abraham gets bashed by viewers for offensive comment

Farrah’s castmates weren’t the only ones who took offense to her comment, Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers lashed out as well.

“Farrah you’re an idiot!!,” wrote one Twitter user. “Like you really thought you were about to use the term ‘ghetto’ and not catch heat – please GO HOME.”

Another commenter wrote, “Farrah saying ‘I’m the only adult here’ yet calling Zach ghetto 60 seconds in? How uneducated can you be?”

Twitter users bash Teen Mom Family Reunion star Farrah Abraham
Pic credit: @LauraDurv/@Jays_Domain/Twitter

“Farrah is the definition of a racist. She looks at every person of color on the show and says things she know will get her that paycheck…” added someone else.

Twitter users bash Teen Mom Family Reunion star Farrah Abraham
Pic credit: @followthwhtrabt/Twitter

Farrah knew she used ghetto to be racist. Why is she always crying? Get her off the t.v,” declared one viewer.

Twitter users bash Teen Mom Family Reunion star Farrah Abraham
Pic credit: @Vickyswordl04/Twitter

What do you think of Farrah’s comment? Will an apology to Cory Wharton help her cause?

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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