Teen Mom Family Reunion: Ashley Jones calls out Farrah Abraham for ‘racial slur’ calls her ‘disgusting’

Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones responds to Farrah’s racial slur. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom Family Reunion is the new spinoff show of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, where Maci Bookout and Cheyenne Floyd invited all of the teen moms to San Diego to hang out, work through some of their issues with each other and within themselves, and to come together in support for one another.

Because of the altercation that had occurred during last night’s episode (February 10, 2022) with Farrah when she unexpectedly arrived, Ashley Jones took to Instagram and commented on Dr. Bryant’s post after the episode.

Ashley Jones lays down the law on Dr. Bryant’s Instagram post, after the Teen Mom Family Reunion episode

Ashley declared that “the fact that she (Farrah) is crying, after literally coming in and calling someone a racial slur is insane to me….I should be crying, because my great grandmother who is still alive was born into slavery. Something her privileged drugged out drunk a** would never understand. Disgusting…she needs Jesus Dr. B. Only Jesus.”

What is Ashley talking about? What did Farrah say, and to whom?

As she talked with her previous castmates and the others who were there in support of the moms, Farrah rubbed one person extremely wrong the moment she appeared. That person: Cory Wharton.

Seeing Farrah brought up many past issues that Cory, and his ex-Cheyenne, have had with Farrah, even though Cory and Farrah never appeared on the show together. Apparently, Farrah had knocked Cory and Cheyenne and claimed they had a baby just to get on the show.

So Cory asked Farrah when she came, “So we had a baby to get on this show? That’s how you feel?”

Farrah responded with, “I guess I do. I guess I feel really ghetto too like that.” After Farrah dropped that racial slur into her conversation with Cory, Cheyenne stepped in, livid now, like Cory.

Cheyenne focused on the word “ghetto” that Farrah had just used to describe her family and accused Farrah of using racist language and being racist herself.

Since Ashley Jones was close by and heard what had just happened, she jumped into the conversation to defend not only Cory and Chey, but also herself.

The argument got so heated that the other castmates and security have to get involved. Cheyenne was so enraged that she flipped over a table in her fury.

How did Teen Mom fans react to this?

Other fans gave their two cents as well on what Farrah had said, and how Ashley, Cory, and Cheyenne defended themselves. One viewer stated, “I’m so glad someone stands up to Farrah like this. All Amber did was yell which doesn’t get your point across. Ashley has it in her to rip her apart with her words and I hope we see that in tonight’s episode.”

Yet another declared, “Ashley straight up tells it how it is. Hands down the realest member.”

Fan comments on @teenmomchatter Instagram
Pic credit: @teenmomchatter/Instagram

The moms had looked on in shock that Farrah Abraham had actually shown up, and that Farrah had pretended it was just like any other day like she was popping in to just say hi. However, that day ended badly for not just Cory, Cheyenne, and Ashley, but Farrah, too. Again, wherever Farrah goes, the drama follows.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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