Teen Mom Family Reunion: Farrah Abraham shares B’day post for her dad, but gets trolled for selling her poop

Farrah Abraham gets slammed in her comments about her new business venture.
Farrah Abraham attempts to wish her dad Michael a happy birthday, but instead gets slammed in her comments. Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham recently took to her Instagram to wish her father Michael a happy birthday.

However, in her comment section, her followers and fans were anything but cheerful in wishing her father a happy birthday. 

Fans were more focused on Farrah’s latest business venture, selling her poop in a jar.

Farrah Abraham blasted by followers for latest business venture

Farrah got slammed in her comment section about her new business

As some may remember, Stephanie Matto from 90 Day Fiance started selling her farts in a jar. However, Farrah alluded that she would be going the extra mile by selling her poop in a jar. 

Farrah had initially made a video promoting her new business but that post has since been deleted. 

Fans are struggling to make sense of Farrah and her new business venture as they are not sure if it is just a joke or if this is a business venture that she actually wants to pursue. 

Fans slam Farrah about her poop business.
Fans slam Farrah about her poop business. Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram
Fans are only concerned with Farrah and her business.
Fans are only concerned with Farrah and her business. Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

A popular YouTuber was able to crack the case to tell if Farrah’s new business venture was fake or not.

The YouTuber was able to determine was that Farrah was indeed just joking and that she is not going to be selling her live poop; although she alluded to that fact and shot a video that did make it seem as though it was going to be authentic. 

Farrah will actually be selling slime that looks like poop. Farrah named her product in such a way that makes it seem more realistic. She named it “Farrah Abraham Poopie Slime.”

Farrah’s business venture overshadowed Michael’s birthday 

Farrah and her poop fiasco took away the importance of her birthday wish to her father Michael. 

Many fans were commenting how they did not understand how Michael was able to put up with her all these years and still give her paternal love and guidance even when she was not kind to him. 

Fans also went on to say how Michael must be “so proud” of her latest business venture, referring to her “poop” business. 

Farrah and her father Michael have had lots of ups and downs over the years that fans were able to see while Farrah was on Teen Mom. Due to Farrah’s recent birthday post to her father, it leads fans to believe that Farrah and her father Michael are finally on the road to a better relationship.

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