Teen Mom Family Reunion: Cory Wharton speaks on drama with Farrah Abraham after latest episode

Cory Wharton
Cory Wharton responds to what Farrah Abraham said to him. Pic credit: MTV

On a recent Teen Mom Family Reunion episode, Farrah Abraham used a racial slur toward Cory Wharton, Cheyenne Floyd, and their family. She has received backlash from fans because of it.

Cory Wharton took to his Instagram page to respond to the episode, what Farrah said, and how he felt about it. Fans on Cory’s Instagram weighed in while he was talking and asked live questions about both the episode and the Farrah situation.

What did Farrah Abraham say to Cory Wharton on Teen Mom Family Reunion that viewers are upset about?

After Farrah referred to Cory as “ghetto” in response to him, things got heated on the Teen Mom Family Reunion episode between Farrah and Cory and Cheyenne. Then, Ashley Jones also got involved since the racial slur was also related to her.

Cory said, “Look, if you talk all this crap about people, you gotta face the smoke, man…If you want to sit there and talk all this mess, you gotta believe I’m gonna check you on it, especially when it involves my daughter. You know, Chey…when it comes to Ry, she not playin either.”

Once Farrah said that to Cory about him, Cheyenne, and their family — Cheyenne lost it, flipped a table, and went at Farrah. Cory continued on in his video and said, “You gotta face the smoke.”

Farrah also supposedly included Ashley, Bar, and their daughter Holly. As Cory stated, “She (Farrah) said something about Holly, Bar, and Ashley’s daughter which wasn’t cool…Listen, nobody should be talkin about anybody’s kid—bottom line…I think that’s foul.”

What did Cory say that fans of his could do to Farrah?

As he neared the end of the Instagram video, Cory claimed, “Farrah…she’s something else,” as he just shook his head in disbelief.

At the very end, although it was a serious topic, Cory did add some humor into it, but was also kind of serious, when he exclaimed, “Go ahead and go leave a bunch of poop emojis on Farrah’s Instagram if you guys could…Just a bunch of little turdies.”

Farrah just came in and caused more drama and controversy. This time, in a place where the Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG castmates were trying to heal issues with each other and within themselves and have a good time together. Farrah ripped that away and threw everyone back into mayhem.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.