Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans makes terrifying call to police over husband David: Listen to the scary call Evans made from her attic

Jenelle Evans makes another terrifying call to police.
Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram

As if things couldn’t get any more messy for former Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans. Now, more information on her December 911 call on her husband, David Eason, has surfaced including the chilling audio released from the 911 call.

While Jenelle Evans has been trying to play it off like David doesn’t have any anger issues, nor is he a danger to her or her children, this leaked audio proves otherwise.

In the 911 call, Jenelle tells the 911 operator that she’s in the attic, hiding from David. Apparently, he flew into a rage after reading an article online and he thought Jenelle took his phone.

Scared of him, she locked the door. But he busted it down. Reddit sleuths found photo evidence of him purchasing a new door for their modular home just days after.

Since the call, protective services took all four the children in their custody away from Jenelle and David.

The 911 operator questioned some of Jenelle’s parenting choices during the call, which begs the question of whether the call had anything to do with the removal of Jenelle’s kids.

During the call, Jenelle says her daughter Ensley was also in the house and when the operator asks where the toddler is, she confesses she’s in her room sleeping.

The 911 operator expressly tells Jenelle she’s made a poor decision leaving Ensley alone. Jenelle defends herself by saying she can see Ensley from the attic.

All of this new evidence leaking doesn’t provide the greatest proof that David is Mr. Stable.

Just two months earlier, in October 2018, Jenelle called 911 to tell them her husband assaulted her. When questioned about it, she said it was a misunderstanding.

You can listen to the full new leaked call here.

Teen Mom 2 is on hiatus. But its sister show, Teen Mom OG, will premiere a new season on June 10 at 10/9c.

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