Teen Mom 2: Why did Leah and Jason break up?

Leah Messer
Leah Messer and Jason Jordan have split up. Pic credit: MTV

On Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer and Jason Jordan are working together to fix Leah’s flooded house and her daughters appear to love Jason. In addition, he helped her organize the twins’ 9th birthday party.

But in real time, the relationship is no more. The two are no longer together, and neither of them has publicly discussed the specifics of their recent split.

However, Leah Messer did open up to Hollywood Life back in November of last year about their break up, saying that they separated because Jason wasn’t in a great place.

“He wasn’t in a great place in his life, and it is what it is,” Leah explained at the time, adding, “It’s fine.”

In that same interview, she revealed that she was open to reconciliation if things changed. She didn’t reveal what he was going through, as she may want to protect him from the public eye.

The two reconciled briefly after their November split, but then last month it was revealed they had broken up once again. Leah confirmed the split on Twitter, sharing that previous comments she had made online weren’t about Jason.

Throughout March, Leah Messer had shared various tweets about wanting to be a person’s number one, about making life the best possible, and to do whatever you want with your life. Many fans saw this as making digs at Jason, but she clarified, saying that her tweets were not about him and that she wished him the best.

We told previously how it was reported that Leah and Jason split because he was becoming too controlling. He was allegedly starting to act jealous and she wanted to put a stop to it.

Jason was previously mentioned in a report by The Hollywood Gossip which said he was a man seen in a series of videos, including one where he was begging for meth. Leah has never addressed a potential drug problem on Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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