Teen Mom 2 returns soon and Briana DeJesus is worried the MTV show will make her look bad

Briana DeJesus fears MTV will make her look bad in new season of Teen Mom 2
Briana DeJesus may go into hiding when Teen Mom 2 hits the airwaves this year. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 will be returning soon, and star Briana DeJesus is worried the MTV show will make her look bad.

She knows the season is going to be “trash for her” and is holding out hope the reality TV show won’t even air this year.

Briana fired off a series of Tweets, which she later deleted, expressing her fear over the new season. Although MTV has not announced a premiere date for Teen Mom 2 Season 10, Briana knows it will happen any day.

What did Briana tweet?

Something has Briana freaking out about the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2.

She revealed since Teen Mom OG is ending soon that means Teen Mom 2 will soon hit the airwaves. Then it will be time for Briana to disappear because she needs a break.

The reality TV star took her fear even further by expressing she hopes MTV won’t air the show. Briana, in the same tweet, admitted it was out of her hands.

As for why she is freaked out, Briana merely stated that Teen Mom 2 Season 10 would be trash for her. There is no question she is ready for the season to be over, and it hasn’t started yet.

Fans, of course, wanted more insight into her dramatic tweets.

Briana didn’t divulge any information. Instead, she let her followers know that MTV shows everything. Briana claims to have never had editing issues when the show has aired.

The Sun managed to get a screenshot of Briana’s tweets before she deleted them, which can be viewed here.

Under fire for not taking coronavirus pandemic seriously

Briana has come under fire a few times for not taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously. In, March before most of the country was on lockdown, she joked about social distancing at the beach.

One of the reasons fans were upset is because Briana’s daughter and mother have conditions that put them at high-risk for suffering from complications should either one contract the virus.

Stella has a heart condition, and Roxane has lupus. People felt due to their severe conditions, Briana should not be making any jokes.

Earlier this month, Briana was slammed after sharing an Instagram Story of her back at work.

She works at Orlando’s Le Beautè Bar, which offers eyebrow microshading, lash extensions, teeth whitening, facials, and body waxing and contouring.

Fans were quick to bash Briana, saying she doesn’t take anything seriously.

Briana DeJesus is freaking out over the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2. The reason why remains to be seen, but a good theory is the drama surrounding how she dealt with the coronavirus pandemic.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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