Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus shows off Dr. Miami mommy makeover surgery results

Briana DeJesus
Briana DeJesus has surgery to give her a mommy makeover. Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus has two daughters who she’s caring for by herself with the help of her mother and sister.

She joined Teen Mom 2 a few years ago, and she’s shared everything from parenting to dating.

But now, she’s ready to share a new story with fans.

DeJesus is giving herself a mother makeover, and she’s excited to share the results.

As part of her makeover, she went in for surgery, and she looks like a brand new person.

Briana DeJesus gets a mommy makeover

Briana went to see Dr. Michael Salzhauer, who is better known as Dr. Miami.

On her Instagram Stories, she revealed that she loves her brand new belly button.

Briana DeJesus
Briana DeJesus shows off her new body from Dr. Miami. Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

DeJesus also got a breast reduction done, sharing that she’s so happy with her smaller breasts. She also vowed that she would never go back to having big breasts.

“Really small,” she shared when revealing her bottom area. “My arms are still pretty swollen, so I’m waiting for them to go down. I’m extremely happy with everything … Still bruised, but my butt is so tiny.”

Briana DeJesus
Briana DeJesus shows off her new body. Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

Before her surgery, Briana had revealed that she wanted to start feeling confident again after having two kids. She also wants a healthier body and lifestyle.

She added that she often struggles with back pain because of her larger chest, something she hopes she’ll eliminate with this surgery, according to InTouch.

Briana DeJesus will have lots to share on Teen Mom 2

This surgery isn’t everything that Briana has going on. The girls are already filming the newest season of Teen Mom 2.

She recently revealed that she learned through Instagram that she has a young brother, for example. Even though he won’t be featured on the show, she could still discuss it on Teen Mom 2.

In addition, Briana is also working hard to utilize her Teen Mom 2 platform for something good, including her future.

She’s also moved into a new house she’s built for her family, started a new business, and continues to work to provide for her two kids.

In the previous season of Teen Mom 2, she slowly started to share her plans for a new business, something that could continue to grow in the upcoming season of the show.

As for her relationship status, it seems she has given up on having a relationship at the moment.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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