Teen Mom 2: Nathan Griffith calls out troll who mocked son Kaiser’s weight

Teen Mom 2 alums Kaiser and Nathan Griffith
A troll mocked Kaiser’s weight and his dad Nathan came to his defense. Pic credit: @nathanj.griffith/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 alum Nathan Griffith came to his son Kaiser’s defense after a troll mocked the 8-year-old’s weight.

Teen Mom 2 viewers know Nathan from his time on the show while he was in a relationship with controversial alum Jenelle Evans. The former couple shares their 8-year-old son, Kaiser.

Since his split from Jenelle, Nathan has remained active in Kaiser’s life, per their custody agreement, which allows Nathan visits every other weekend.

Recently, Nathan took to Instagram to call out a troll who negatively commented on Kaiser’s weight on social media. Nathan included a screenshot of the comment from a social media post.

The comment read, “Aren’t you a gym freak? Why don’t you teach your son some tips because clearly he needs it.”

Obviously, the comment riled Nathan, who fired back: “Wow!!! Hopefully, this is a joke. Body shaming a kid for his weight.”

Nathan Griffith fires back at Teen Mom 2 troll who mocked son Kaiser’s weight

Nathan continued, reminding the troll that Kaiser inherited his chubby cheeks from his side of the family before noting that Kaiser isn’t in his care full-time. Still, when he has custody of him, they’re physically active. He continued, adding that Kaiser is “very insecure” about his weight, noting that he’s even hesitant to take off his shirt at the pool.

Nathan found plenty of support from his 41,000 Instagram followers, who took to the comments section to bash the troll and reinforce Nathan’s statements.

Nathan’s fans show support for Kaiser, call out troll

Teen Mom fan account, Teen Mom Chatter, was one of the first to comment, calling out the troll and coming to Kaiser’s defense: “We are team KING KAISER!!! He is a little boy! It takes a really disgusting, lonely, miserable being to degrade a child. I hope elenaceeeee seeks therapy for her hurt.”

“I Can’t Imagine Person on social media say that to your child Face in Public because they will get Knock F Out,” penned another one of Nathan’s followers.

Nathan agreed with the statement and replied, “? exactly!!!”

teen mom 2 fans support nathan and kaiser griffith on IG after a troll body-shamed the 8-year-old
Pic credit: @nathanj.griffith/Instagram

More comments poured in, with Nathan’s followers in disbelief that someone would body-shame an 8-year-old boy.

“Omg stop this is the meanest thing I’ve ever read. HES A KID ?,” read another comment. “He’s a baby ? he’s literally the cutest thing? who could say this ?”

Another user added, “cant believe someone could say this about a child. kaiser is a cutie!” while one simply expressed their shock: “WOW ?”

Despite the drama and controversy that have followed him for years, Nathan has shown that he takes being a father seriously and prioritizes his kids’ well-being.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently in production and is slated to premiere in the near future.

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1 year ago

I I think he is adorable and really looks a lot like his dad! People please be kind.