Teen Mom 2 fans think Leah Messer is throwing major shade at Kailyn Lowry by sharing unflattering photos

Fans felt Kailyn Lowry was disrespected by Leah Messer in a series of Instagram photos.
Fans felt Kailyn Lowry was disrespected by Leah Messer in a series of Instagram photos. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 fans believe that Leah Messer has thrown some major shade at Kailyn Lowry with a series of unflattering photos posted to Instagram in honor of her birthday.

In a slideshow of ten photos, the MTV star honored her pal for her 29th turn around the sun. While many of the images were cute, she included several that were unflattering to the mother of four.

Fans quickly picked up what they felt was a slap in the face towards the beautiful blonde, and shared their remarks in a Reddit thread titled “Leah posted these SUPER flattering pictures of Kail for her birthday to Instagram.”

“Omg. Why would Leah post that first picture especially? The one where Kail’s sleeping. The rest of them aren’t that bad, but that first one is passive aggressive as hell,” wrote one fan.

“I can’t stand that friend that post pics because THEY look good in them when they know you look like s**t in them,” claimed a second Reddit user.

“If my friend did that I would be so embarrassed,” penned a third follower.

A reddit user added this comment about Leah Messer's birthday post for Kailyn Lowry.
A reddit user added this comment about Leah Messer’s birthday post for Kailyn Lowry. Pic credit: Reddit

“Hahaha my friend would have to be ready to fight if she posted something like this of me,” exclaimed a fourth fan.

Kailyn and Leah have been friends for 11 years

In the caption to the above post, Lean said that a picture was worth a thousand words.

“From one queen to another, happy birthday sistaa sistaa. Here’s to many more adventures Queen,” she penned. Kailyn responded by saying to Leah, “I love you so much!”

In the images, the women were seen in a series of images where the enjoyed different excursions.

The first was a close-up photograph of the two dressed for an event. Kailyn wore a black lace gown while Leah a sheer dress with pearl accents on the sleeves.

In the second, the women appeared to be on a hike. Both were dressed in casual gear. The angle gave fans a clear view of Kailyn’s ample assets.

A third shot showed the pals underneath a waterfall during the same hike and in a fourth, they relaxed on some rocks.

Only one snap showed the reality star in an unflattering light

A following shot was of Kailyn as she relaxed. Right after, Leah and Kailyn held hands as they prepared to go skydiving in Hawaii. A later shot was taken before their jump.

The seventh photo in the slideshow was likely the most unflattering of the reality star. She was caught sleeping on a bus.

Rounding out the tribute was a snap of the pals when Leah appeared as a guest on Kailyn’s Coffee Convos podcast. Kailyn hosts the chatfest with Lindsie Chrisley. The final pic was a group shot with some friends.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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