Teen Mom 2 fans think Chelsea Houska could use a makeover, despite changing up her hair

Chelsea Houska formerly of Teen Mom 2
Chelsea Houska could use a makeover, according to some fans. Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has come under fire once again for her appearance, and trolls are saying she needs a new look.

Chelsea’s appearance has been under scrutiny lately, from her spray tan, her lips, and her hair. She told her fans it was time for a big change, and she delivered.

Chelsea recently debuted a dramatic makeover

Even though the 29-year-old recently debuted a dramatic new hair color, swapping her signature red locks for a deep brown shade, trolls are still attacking her image.

Chelsea shared some footage of herself in a video on her IG stories this week, and trolls took it as another opportunity to bash the former MTV star’s look.

A Teen Mom 2 fan took to Reddit to share a screenshot from Chelsea’s IG stories and titled it, “Chelsea really needs to tone down the fake tan with this new hair color[.]”

Chelsea’s critics thought she needs to upgrade her look

Other Reddit users commented on the thread, many of them stating that Chelsea could use an upgrade when it comes to her appearance.

Chelsea Houska formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
One Teen Mom 2 fan’s post on Reddit, criticizing Chelsea’s tan with her new hair. Pic credit: u/constantreader55/Reddit

Another Reddit user commented on the thread, and wrote, “the filter and eye shadow make it look 10x worse. [I] do not get it[.]”

One fan of Teen Mom 2 agreed with them, and added, “It’s so much worse. And she’s supposed to be a beauty and style influencer…???”

“Honestly if she didn’t have that crazy orange eyeshadow it wouldn’t look so bad. It goes all the way up to her brows. It’s…a lot,” commented another user.

Chelsea Houska formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Reddit users commented on Chelsea’s look after she dyed her hair darker and still weren’t impressed. Pic credit: u/constantreader55/Reddit

One commenter felt like Chelsea needed to change up her makeup choices. “I feel like she’s been wearing that orange eye shadow and nude lipstick for the past five years… Mix it up a little bit sheesh,” they wrote.

“I agree with you, I don’t think the tan would look so off with a better color eye shadow,” said another commenter.

One Reddit user didn’t hold back their opinion of Chelsea’s look when they wrote, “I dgaf, I’ll say it. Chelsea always looks like shit. Girl needs a good long bath and exfoliation.”

Chelsea Houska formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Chelsea’s haters criticized her appearance on Reddit. Pic credit: u/constantreader55/Reddit

Chelsea’s appearance has come under fire lately

Last month, trolls attacked Chelsea for wearing what they thought was too much makeup for an at-home workout.

Earlier this month, fans slammed Chelsea for “overdoing” her lip fillers. Chelsea didn’t admit to getting lip injections, but she did clear the air and revealed that her dad, Randy, did not administer them.

And this isn’t the first time Chelsea’s spray tan has been scrutinized. Trolls recently called her out for looking too “orange.”

Chelsea’s hair and makeup may not be up to her haters’ standards, but as long as she’s happy and likes how she looks, she doesn’t need to pay attention to them.

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