Teen Mom 2: Fans slam Chelsea Houska for wearing too much makeup to work out

Chelsea Houska formerly of Teen Mom OG
Chelsea Houska’s fans threw major shade at her for wearing too much makeup while exercising. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska got called out by her fans for wearing a face full of makeup to ride her exercise bike at home.

Chelsea took to her Instagram stories Wednesday evening to share a Boomerang of herself on her Peloton bike while wearing a bleach-dyed sports bra and matching leggings.

Chelsea was wearing a full face of makeup and lash extensions as she worked out at home.

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She sported mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and what looked like lash extensions and foundation as she pedaled her stationary bike and appeared to be working up a sweat.

Her followers noticed that Chelsea seemed a bit glammed up for her sweaty workout, and some took to Reddit to voice their opinions.

“She wears falsies and full eye makeup to work out? That’s how you get a funky sty, girl,” said one Reddit user.

Chelsea Houska DeBoer formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Chelsea’s IG Boomerang that sparked comments for her full face of makeup while working out. Pic credit: @chelseahouska/Instagram

Another replied to the comment, saying, “I think she has eyelash extensions. But honestly, they look terrible. They look faker than the subtle falsies that are in style now and are so clumpy[.]”

“Does she still put foundation on her lips? How do they never have color?” asked another user on the social media platform.

Chelsea Houska formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Reddit users commented on how much makeup Chelsea wore to work out at home. Pic credit: u/constantreader55/Reddit

More Reddit users call out Chelsea for wearing makeup

“And that she’s orange. She’s been orange for a decade now maybe she just likes being orange,” said one user about Chelsea’s choice of colors.

One user thought Chelsea overdid the eye makeup, “I can see the black smear in and around her eye though and it’s burning my eyes just looking at it. That is way too much eyeliner and mascara to be sweating in.”

Chelsea Houska formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
More comments about Chelsea’s makeup on Reddit. Pic credit: u/constantreader55/Reddit

“Makeup while working out. In your own home,” said one user, and someone else replied, “So weird to me. I could understand at a gym but not at home lol”

Chelsea Houska formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Fans of Chelsea’s found it odd that someone would wear makeup to work out in their own home. Pic credit: u/constantreader55/Reddit

Chelsea still shares parts of her life with fans, despite leaving Teen Mom 2

Although Chelsea is no longer filming for MTV, she’s still very active on social media, sharing pics of her family and her four kids, Aubree, Watson, Layne, and Walker, and all her business ventures.

Many fans of Teen Mom 2 have expressed they miss Chelsea’s presence on the show. Her replacement, Ashley Jones, hasn’t exactly been a fan favorite since joining the cast this season, but she sent a clear message to her haters last week on social media.

Chelsea revealed that she wanted her eldest daughter, Aubree, to have more privacy and that it played a big part in why she left the franchise after filming for the show for over a decade.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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