Teen Mom 2 fans side with Cole DeBoer after Chelsea Houska leaves Adam Lind lunch visits in place

Chelsea Houska tells Cole DeBoer about keeping Adam Lind's lunch visits with Aubree on Teen Mom 2
Chelsea Houska tells Cole DeBoer about keeping Adam Lind’s lunch visits with Aubree Pic credit: MTV

Chelsea Houska is taking a lot of heat from fans due to her decision on Teen Mom 2 to continue allowing Aubree’s dad Adam Lind, to visit her during her lunches at school.

Fans were quick to defend Chelsea’s husband Cole DeBoer, who did not want the lunch visits to continue.  Cole appeared visibly upset by Chelsea’s decision and felt the visits are harmful for Aubree and should no longer happen after Adam has failed to be present in Aubree’s life for the last 10 years.

On the episode, Chelsea was nervous about having to meet her lawyers during her ongoing legal battle with Adam.  Following the meeting, she appeared relieved that she got most things she wanted but was nervous to tell Cole that the lunch visits were staying put.

She said to Cole, “The lunches, I know you don’t like…those aren’t affecting her because they aren’t actually talking about anything serious…I’d rather focus on other things that are actually harming her.”

Cole responded, “It’s an excuse…I think it’s hard on her….My heart is racing right now because I’m really mad.”

To which Chelsea replied, “I think the school lunches are fine.”

Fans defend Cole

Fans were quick to respond on social media coming to Cole’s defense and expressing their disappointment in Chelsea’s decision.

One fan wrote, “He (Cole) may be right to be honest.  The fact that Adam can’t bother to send his kid a text back but still has the right to show up to her lunches (when his mommy drags him) is a bit ridiculous.”

Another fan added, “I see his point…Adam uses the lunches to avoid scheduled supervised visits.”

Adam has a history of flaking out on his visits with Aubree.  Cole is usually the one to jump in and save the day when Aubree gets disappointed by her biological father.

Cole saves the day

Cole continuously shows up as a father figure to Aubree, especially when Adam blows her off.  Cole has been such a good influence on Aubree’s life, that she has even taken his last name.

They are constantly spending time together and doing fun things like dinner dates, dressing up in coordinating Halloween costumes and on more than one occasion, Cole has accompanied Aubree to her school’s father-daughter dance when Adam dropped the ball.

Recently, in a social media post, a fan commented on a picture of Aubree and Cole saying, “It is admirable to watch you raise her and treat her like she is your own! I hope one day you are able to adopt her!” to which Cole immediately replied, “I have my pen ready.”

Cole’s fatherly instincts and the close relationship he’s developed with Aubree leaves no surprise as to why fans would come to his defense with the school lunch situation.  Chelsea’s battle with Adam has been going on for years and continues to play out on Teen Mom 2.

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