Teen Mom 2 fans react to recent Jenelle Evans developments

Jenelle Evans kids
Jenelle Evans’ drama keeps developing and fans are reacting. Pic credit: MTV

Jenelle Evans’ life continues to make headlines, as there are daily developments in regards to her children, her marriage, and her husband, David Eason.

This afternoon, we reported that a judge signed off on having all of the children removed from her care.

Even though the Easons were not home when the remaining two girls were to be removed, fans are hoping the kids are safe. As the story develops, fans of Teen Mom 2 are reacting on Twitter. And the reactions are mixed.

Fans supporting her

Jenelle does have fans who still want the best for her. Some tweets are questioning how people can still stand behind her as she’s losing her children because of her decision to stay with David.

One person even expressed concern for Jenelle’s safety, saying she would always be concerned about Evans’ safety until she’s permanently away from David.

Safety for the Kids

The majority of people on Twitter are concerned about the children. While Kaiser and Jace have been kept away from Jenelle and David’s property since late last week, fans are still concerned about Ensley and Maryssa.

Many are hoping that it is true that Ensley and Maryssa have been removed from the home, simply so they aren’t in danger.

Dump David Eason

Several people are begging Jenelle to please dump her husband. Many are expressing their disgust with Jenelle for choosing David over her children, as she chose to support David while CPS was removing her children.

One person even begged her to please call 911 to be removed from David before it’s too late. Several people appear to think that Jenelle’s life is in danger.

Pure Entertainment

Even though the situation is a serious situation, some are seeing these recent developments as entertainment.

It’s no secret that Jenelle’s life and poor choices in the past have been entertaining on Teen Mom 2 for many, but these are serious developments as CPS is removing her kids after her husband shot Jenelle’s dog Nugget two weeks ago.

The story continues to develop and we’ll keep you posted when more happens.

Teen Mom 2 has wrapped for the season and Jenelle Evans has been fired.

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