Teen Mom 2 drama revs up between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus

Kailyn Lowry with Javi Marroquin
Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have been involved in a lot of drama

The Teen Mom 2 drama is revving back up on tonight’s episode. Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus are still butting heads, something that made headlines earlier this year. After watching the drama go down during the reunion taping last fall, there was no doubt more was coming.

Briana DeJesus will be headed to Delaware to visit Javi Marroquin. The two began dating back in November 2017 but things ended in January. Despite the two moving quickly with their relationship, Kailyn Lowry was never okay with the pairing.

In the sneak peek for tonight’s episode, Kailyn Lowry shows up with her girlfriend, Dominique Potter, aka Dom, at Jo Rivera’s house. As they are discussing how the reunion went, a text from Briana DeJesus comes in. Lowry then reads a back and forth group chat between her, Javi and his — at the time — soon-to-be wife, describing vulgar words that were used.

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Even though the relationship between Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus ended several months ago, the battle between Kailyn Lowry and her co-star was never resolved. When the Teen Mom 2 cast flew into New York City to tape the reunion, things got crazy. There was a violent confrontation on set, causing several of the members to leave and not return to film.

As the drama continues to unfold on the small screen, it is still being talked about months later on social media. Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry will likely never reconcile. Meanwhile, Javi Marroquin has moved on from them both with Lauren Comeau.

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