Teen Mom OG: Cheyenne Floyd shares nasty messages from trolls about her weight

Teen Mom 2 star Cheyenne Floyds gets mean messages about her weight gain from trolls
Cheyenne Floyd shares nasty messages from trolls. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd just had her baby boy, but that hasn’t stopped the trolls from sending nasty messages about her weight. Cheyenne recently put a couple of haters on blast and shared some of the horrific messages they’ve been sending her about her body.

Cheyenne welcomed her son Ace who she shares with fiance Zach Davis into the world on May 27, which means it’s only been a little over six weeks since the 28-year-old gave birth. For the most part, Cheyenne has been spending time at home taking care of baby Ace and her four-year-old daughter Ryder, but it seems a few trolls on social media are trying to threaten her peace.

Cheyenne Floyd shares nasty messages from trolls

The Teen Mom OG star proved just how nasty people on the internet can be, and it’s a little disheartening, to say the least. Cheyenne showed her Instagram followers some of the awful messages she has received since giving birth.

Most of them were about the baby weight she has gained over the past year or so. But the reality TV personality put the trolls on blast and noted them as examples of why she doesn’t post on social media very often.

One of the messages read, “Damn she’s big.” While another person wrote, “You used to be so beautiful when you were fit. Now you’re the size of a house.”

One troll even felt the need to bring Cheyenne’s fiancé Zach into the conversation, writing, “That poor man having to look at you and touch you like this. Or does he ever want to touch you?”

A few days ago, Cheyenne showed off photos of her post-baby body on Instagram and told followers that she was still working on embracing her new body after having two kids. She got many supportive comments from the post, but apparently, the trolls were lurking somewhere in the mix.

Cheyenne Floyd tells fans that she’s human too

The Teen Mom OG took to social media again today and shared an update after posting some of the mean messages she’s been receiving.

“I was having a rough day yesterday and felt it was necessary to show some of the messages/comments I have been receiving,” wrote Cheyenne in her Instagram stories. “I am human, my feelings get hurt just like yours. I put my phone down yesterday and enjoyed my family. They are my world and need me to be the best version of myself.”

Teen Mom 2 star Cheyenne Floyd shares mean messages from trolls
Pic credit:@cheynotshy/Instagram

It seems the MTV star got some support after sharing the messages, so Cheyenne also thanked her followers for sending her love and support after she opened up on Instagram.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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