Teen Mom 2: Briana DeJesus calls out trolls for doxing her in Kail Lowry’s private Facebook group

Briana DeJesus and Kail Lowry from Teen Mom 2
Kail’s private Facebook group leaked Briana’s home address, further fueling their feud. Pic credit: MTV

The feud between Teen Mom 2 co-stars Briana DeJesus and Kail Lowry doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.

Kail and Briana have been at each other’s throats since 2017 when Briana began dating Javi Marroquin after he and Kail divorced.

Since then, things escalated when Kail filed a defamation lawsuit against Briana last summer, which was recently dismissed, ruling in Briana’s favor, as Monsters & Critics previously reported.

Following news of the lawsuit being dismissed, it looked as though things had settled down between Briana and Kail, other than Briana threatening to countersue to collect attorney’s fees totaling more than $120,000.

Kail Lowry’s fans leak Teen Mom 2 co-star Briana DeJesus’ home address

Now, more drama has ensued, as a member in a private Facebook group (of which Kail was previously an admin) shared Briana’s home address.

Briana shared several messages in her Instagram Stories, aiming her anger at Kail rather than the snitch: “Posting my address on a fan page that you control is only making things worse. Pls stop.”

In another slide, Briana told her Instagram followers, “Letting your minions Post my address on ur social media page will cause more issues. Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Kail claims she ‘had no idea’ Briana’s address was shared, Devoin Austin gets involved

For her part, Kail claimed that she didn’t know anything about a member sharing Briana’s address with the group. In response to another member who asked who posted Briana’s address, Kail wrote, “I had no idea her address was posted & I did not approve any posts regarding her or her address.”

The group’s admin also removed Bri’s address and removed Kail as an admin. The group has also since been archived.

Briana’s ex and father to their daughter Nova, Devoin Austin, got involved in the conversation as well. Taking to Teen Mom Shade Room’s page on Instagram where the news was shared, Devoin had a clear message for anyone who might be thinking of showing up at Briana’s house where she lives with her daughters Nova and Stella, mom Roxanne, and sister Brittany.

Devoin wrote in the comments, “They better stop playing. Must not know bout Florida gun laws… anybody show up my daughter door step trippin I’ll smoke they a**. Simple.”

In his Instagram Stories, Devoin made it clear, however, that he’s fed up with the feud between Bri and Kail and wrote, “Please know. I don’t condone either parties actions. All childish. All irrelevant. Dudes live thousands of miles apart. Just saying.”

Devoin has tried to be a voice of reason amid Briana and Kail’s years-long feud and thinks the enemies should put their beef behind themselves. During last year’s Teen Mom 2 reunion, Devoin was asked by host Dr. Drew, “Do you think they can find a common ground in there somewhere and put behind all the nonsense?”

Devoin responded, “Absolutely! I really think they could and should. There’s no point in it. Everyone’s moved on, so far past what was the issue.”

The Teen Mom 2 Season 11 reunion airs on Tuesday, May 17 at 8/7c on MTV.

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