Teen Mom 2: Bariki Smith speaks on having more kids with wife Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones & Bar Smith
Will Bar and Ashley have more kids? Pic credit: MTV

Ashley Jones and Bar Smith have defied the odds and, instead of taking the easy way out of their relationship, they have put in the work to stay together.

While the two were having issues when they went onto Teen Mom Family Reunion, Dr. Bryant, the therapist, helped them talk through their individual and couple problems.

Although it was an intense discussion, both Bar and Ashley were able to see what they needed to work on themselves to make their marriage work.

As Ashley contemplated divorce or separation, she ultimately chose to work with Bar to make their relationship work for their daughter, Holly, and because neither was willing to give up on their love.

Will Bar Smith and Ashley Jones have more kids in the future?

Recently, on his Instagram stories, Bar had a Q&A with Teen Mom 2 fans. It was there that a viewer asked him a question about future children.

This particular fan asked, speaking about him and Ashley, “Do you guys want more kids?”

While the twosome has a three-year-old daughter, Holly, now, Bar responded to the question. He stated, “I definitely want a boy I just don’t know when at this point (four laughing/crying face emojis).”

Bar Smith answers viewers' questions, and one asked about future kids.
Pic credit: @barikismith/Instagram

It seems like maybe Bar and Ashley have approached this subject, but neither knows when they will try for a little brother or sister for Holly.

Ashley has been successfully running her own business

As Ashley and Bar have been putting in work for their relationship to succeed, Ashley also has her own business.

She and a close friend opened up their own salon a year ago, as they just had their one-year anniversary from the grand opening. The two women celebrated their achievements with their family and friends present and made a toast with champagne to their successful business.

While Ashley celebrated, however, she also simultaneously slammed MTV and production for filming but not airing her success story of running her own business.

She said all they wanted to show was Ashley and Bar’s issues and the fact that they were wavering on divorce because there was more drama in that story than her being a business owner.

Ashley and Bar have been working together and getting closer than ever before as this season of Teen Mom 2 has progressed. In fact, in the last episode before the Reunion show, Ashley bought Bar the exact same ring that he had lost months before.

This showed that Ashley was all in to move forward in their marriage and show her love and support for her husband.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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