Teen Mom 2: Ashley Jones lashes out at hater who hinted she’s a bad mother for not being with Holly 24/7

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones claps back at a troll
Ashley Jones puts a troll in her place. Pic credit:MTV

Ashley Jones gets a lot of flack from trolls on social media but the newly minted Teen Mom 2 star is not one to let the negative comments slide. One fan learned that lesson the hard way during a recent Instagram Live video featuring Ashley and her fiance Bariki Smith.

The MTV star had to put one person in her place after she made a comment about Ashley’s mothering skills, and we’re pretty sure she won’t be trying Ashley ever again.

Ashley Jones responds to Instagram troll

The Teen Mom 2 star went Instagram Live recently to have a chat with her followers, but things got tense once fans started to share their comments.

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Ashley was sitting in her car during the live video and appeared to be going somewhere with Bar, but fans wanted to know why their daughter Holly wasn’t with them.

“Why do I have to have her 24/7 and why when I’m not with her you guys [speak of her] I don’t have to always be with her,” noted Ashley.

But it seems another comment caught her eyes and the 24-year-old went off. It’s not clear what was said but it was somewhere along the lines of “poor Holly”–based on Ashley’s retort.

“Poor your kids b***h, poor your kids for growing up with a mother like you who thinks it’s appropriate to come on the internet at your old a** half-century age and talk s**t to a woman that’s probably young enough to be your granddaughter.”

The MTV star wasn’t done roasting the commenter just yet, she continued, “shame on you honestly. If you were nicer I’d offer to pay for Botox cause you need it.”

Ashley gets alot of hate on social media

The Teen Mom 2 star certainly knows how to hold her own, and it’s a good thing because she gets a fair bit of hate on social media.

When it was announced that Ashley –who was first introduced to us on Young and Pregnant –would be joining the series, some fans were not pleased with the decision.

Nonetheless, the young mom joined the show and despite being very open about it, she’s constantly getting trolled online. For the most part, the criticisms are usually about her relationship with fiance Bar, as fans have seen the couple make up and break up several times over the years.

Interestingly enough, it seems people are just now starting to warm up to the young couple and specifically to Ashley judging by the most recent comments online.

Teen Mom 2 fans are warming up to Ashley Jones
Pic credit:@alllthat_JAZZ/Twitter
Fans are warming up to Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones
Pic credit:@DreezusChryse/Twitter
Fans are warming up to Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones

Pic credit:@DontBePoorGirl/Twitter

Whether you love her or hate her, don’t expect this Teen Mom 2 star to sit quietly amid the nasty comments, she’s a clapback queen for sure.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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