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Tayshia Adams on being run over by a truck: ‘It took me out of my running career’

Tayshia Adams
Tayshia Adams opens up about being run over by a car. Pic credit: ABC

Tayshia Adams has yet to be announced as the official Bachelorette, but fans are already reliving her The Bachelor experiences on the show.

As fans may recall, Tayshia was introduced to the world on Colton Underwood’s season, but he sent her home before the finale.

She went on Bachelor In Paradise, where she found love with John Paul Jones. The two dated for a couple of months but eventually broke it off in November last year.

Now, Tayshia is sharing more about her life before her time on The Bachelorette, which she can do on her new podcast, Click Bait with Bachelor Nation.

She co-hosts the podcast with Joe Amabile and Hannah Ann Sluss.

Tayshia Adams opens up about scary incident

The story she shared was about her getting run over by a car. She ended up with a fractured pelvis, and she has to relearn how to walk again.

“As I’m pushing the buttons to get my Skittles, I hear music,” Tayshia explained on her podcast, Click Bait with Bachelor Nation.

“Whenever I hear music, I start dancing, and I see it’s my friend’s truck. I went out to go talk to them. I’m hanging on the window talking to them. They take my Skittles. Next thing you know, I’m like, ‘I’m gonna go. Have fun at the party,’ so I hop over the window to grab my Skittles back, and I’m hanging on the truck.”

At first, Tayshia didn’t see the danger in hanging onto the truck through the window, as she’s fighting for her Skittles. Instead, her friends in the car agreed it was fun and assured her that she was fine.

“I was like, ‘This is kinda fun,’ and the guy said, ‘I got you! We’re going!’ I was like, ‘OK, I’m going,’ and my friend Charlie said, ‘No, it’s fine. We got you.’ Anyway, the guy is holding onto me; the driver hits the gas. There’s a little yellow speed bump, and I’m in the truck, and I pop off, and my body’s hanging off the truck. The back truck tire goes over my leg.”

She explains that she had tire tracks on her legs for two weeks due to the accident. She was in the hospital for two weeks following the accident, where she had to relearn how to walk.

And the accident had a negative impact on her college years. She was a runner, and she had to stop running as a possible career.

She also had to move out of her dorm room and had to use a walker throughout college. She says the walker was at fault for her not dating in college.

This story is one of the first to come out of the new Bachelorette star, who launched the podcast after she came back from filming.

On September 18, we reported she was starting a new podcast called Click Bait with Bachelor Nation.

Tayshia Adams is thriving post-Bachelorette filming

While Tayshia was chosen to film The Bachelorette, she has yet to participate in any promotional materials. ABC has continuously pushed Clare Crawley as the next Bachelorette, as she was announced as the next lead back in March.

Since wrapping up The Bachelorette, she’s been in Los Angeles, hanging out with friends. She also turned 30 and celebrated on Instagram, saying she was thriving.

In her own birthday announcement, she also said she was flirting, but she never hinted that she was engaged. Because of the show, she can’t confirm the outcome, and she can’t wear an engagement ring.

The Bachelorette premieres Tuesday, October 13, on 8/7c on ABC.

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