Tayshia Adams deletes post about breaking up with JPJ: He remains in California

Tayshia and JPJ
Tayshia and JPJ have broken up. Pic credit: ABC

Tayshia Adams is moving on from her failed relationship. Late last month, Tayshia announced that she and John Paul Jones were no longer together. The news came just days after John had gushed about moving to California and being closer to her.

While he has said nothing about the split, Tayshia shared a lengthy post about how the relationship didn’t work due to distance, busy schedules, and more. However, Adams claimed that she still cared about him.

Monsters & Critics shared the original post when we covered the news late last month. However, it is gone now and there has been no explanation why the Bachelor in Paradise star decided to remove it.

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John Paul Jones recently posted a photo from California, so he’s still around the area. It doesn’t sound like he has moved back to Maryland after the split.

Now, Bachelor in Paradise fans who watched Tayshia and John Paul Jones connect on the show are interested to know what is going on between them.

This beach post – and the deletion of Tayshia’s post – could indicate two things. For one, it could indicate that she wants to move on and deleted it because John is no longer a part of her life. His post could indicate he’s sticking around California to explore new opportunities.

The other possibility is that they are giving their relationship a second chance with him living in California and her deleting the post, going back on what she originally said. It’s possible that they aren’t saying anything until they know for sure that things will work out – or not work out. Only time will tell, but for now, her focus appears to be on work and on posting on social media.

Bachelor In Paradise returns next summer.

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