Tamra Judge discusses RHONJ drama and slams ‘evil’ Jennifer Aydin

Bravo Housewives Tamra Judge and Jennifer Aydin screenshot
Tamra Judge slams Jennifer Aydin. Pic credit: @tamrajudge/Instagram/Bravo

Everyone is talking about The Real Housewives of New Jersey after the shocking brawl that just ensued.

It’s not just viewers who are taking sides between Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin; other Bravolebities are doing the same as well.

Tamra Judge is Team Danielle after seeing that Jennifer was the one who first got physical with the second-season Housewife.

The outspoken RHOC star and her Two Ts in a Pod co-host, Teddi Mellencamp, discussed the recent episode, and they didn’t hold back.

It’s obvious that there’s no love lost between Tammy Sue and Jennifer, who she called “evil” on her podcast.

However, that’s not all the blonde beauty had to say about what’s been going down in Jersey.

Jackie Goldschneider was also a topic of conversation, and it seems the Two Ts are in agreement that she’s now the laughingstock at Bravo.

Tamra Judge calls out ‘evil’ Jennifer Aydin after the RHONJ brawl

Tamra and Teddi discussed RHONJ on Two Ts in a Pod, and they had a lot to say about the altercation between Jennifer and Danielle.

The feud between the duo started when Jennifer brought hairstylist Lina Kidis on camera to bad mouth Danielle about being escorted from the VIP section of her charity.

Danielle confronted Jennifer, and then the mom of five accused Danielle of acting elitist and stepping on people to get to the top.

However, Tamra thinks that the elitist title should go to Jen Aydin.

“Talk about elitist,” exclaimed Tamra. “Talk about somebody that puts themselves up so much higher than everybody and just thinks that they deserve the world. That’s Jen Aydin to me.”

“She’s evil,” the RHONJ star later added. “Danielle wasn’t wrong when she walked out the door and said, ‘You’re sleeping with the devil.'”

Tamra talks about Jackie Goldschneider and Teresa Giudice

The Two T’s also discussed Teresa’s revelation in the episode that she was using Jackie Goldschneider to get back at Margaret.

We all knew that was the case, and Andy Cohen had already teased a scene on the show that could affect Jackie and Teresa’s newfound friendship.

However, Tamra was admittedly shocked that Teresa bluntly admitted her plans on camera.

“I cannot believe that Teresa actually admitted that, honestly,” Tamra exclaimed, adding that she now feels bad for Jackie.

“I feel like she’s trying to do the most and trying to be a little bit shocking by switching friend groups, now all of a sudden people are laughing at her,” added Tamra.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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21 days ago

Jen Aydin makes the show Toxic, I turn it off when she gets going with her shit. Jen gives me anxiety, not a good feeling. I feel so bad for her husband, he should just give her half and move on and enjoy his life. If I were her husband I’d pay any amount of money to be free of her.

18 days ago

Love,Teresa,Dolores,Jackie,JenAydin, JennFessler,-The show must remove MargaretJosephs(she is nothing but a trouble maker)she is toxic to be around the women(a filthy mouth and thrives on “drama”-something has gone wrong with her she use to be funny and enjoyable to have on the show‼️Not anymore‼️‼️‼️