Tammy Ly calls Clayton Echard’s women ‘mean girls’, gets called out for her past mental health comments

Tammy Ly
Tammy Ly reacts to the ‘mean girls’ from The Bachelor Season 26. Pic credit: ABC

Tammy Ly has been tuning into Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor and weighing in with her thoughts. 

After the latest episode of The Bachelor Season 26 introduced new villains and catty drama, Tammy took to social media to comment on the women. 

Tammy Ly calls out ‘mean girls’ and then gets called out for her ‘mean girl’ behavior 

The Bachelor viewers watched with disappointment as two women made blatant attempts to stir the pot in the house. 

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First, Cassidy Timbrooks went out of her way to be a ‘villain’ during a group date by hogging Clayton Echard’s time and not pulling her weight. She also got into arguments with several of the women who took issue with her. 

Then, Shanae Ankney rudely handled fellow castmate Elizabeth Corrigan’s ADHD confession. Not only did Shanae take jabs at Elizabeth’s ADHD, but she also revealed Elizabeth’s diagnosis to the rest of the women without Elizabeth’s consent. 

Cassidy and Shanae’s poor behavior got Bachelor Nation buzzing, including Bachelor Nation star Tammy Ly. 

Tammy tweeted, “Dude there are some MEAN girls this season dang.” 

Episode 2 of The Bachelor Season 26 certainly featured some serious ‘mean girl’ behavior, and, interestingly, Tammy made her debut on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, which also featured an abundance of mean girl behavior among the cast. 

Tammy was called out for her own mean girl behavior on The Bachelor Season 24 in a comment under her recent post. 

The critic recalled Tammy’s cold treatment of her fellow contestant’s mental health issues, namely Kelsey Weier, who Tammy often accused of having emotional instability, mental breakdowns, and a drinking problem. 

The critic wrote, “Didn’t you also out someone for having ADHD tho.”

Tammy had a stern response as she wrote, “I’ve already explained myself over 100 times on this matter. If you missed it, that’s on you. I’m done with this topic moving forward. Period.” 

Tammy Ly tweet
Pic credit: @whoistammykay/Twitter

Tammy Ly apologized in the past for her ‘nasty’ behavior 

On The Bachelor Season 24, Tammy Ly had her own mean girl moments and memorably got into it with Kelsey Weier and MyKenna Dorn. 

After receiving backlash, Tammy eventually took to Twitter and apologized for her ‘nasty’ behavior.

Tammy also reminded people that reality television doesn’t always paint the whole picture of a person. 

Time will tell if the mean girl behavior only gets worse on Clayton’s season or if the women will slowly start to show more maturity and camaraderie. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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