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Susie Evans ‘had issues with’ kissing Clayton Echard on camera

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans
Susie Evans and Clayton Echard reveal their reaction to being filmed. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans revealed that she “couldn’t get past” the cameras and struggled to open up while being filmed.

Susie was so uncomfortable during the process that she was hesitant to even kiss Clayton onscreen two months in.

The latest Bachelor couple got real about how the show impacted their relationship and the most difficult part about being filmed.

Susie Evans ‘couldn’t get past’ the cameras on The Bachelor

Clayton and Susie took on another joint interview, and they did not hold back on the weirdest and hardest parts of filming the show.

Despite defending The Bachelor from claims that the show was scripted, the pair did admit that the cameras brought their own challenges.

“I couldn’t get past it,” Susie told Living 757. “I remember he said something to me about ‘Oh I feel like you’re, you know, pulling back or you keep putting distance between us or something,’ and I was like this is so weird, like he just kissed me and there are like three people around.”

“Two months in and she still had issues with kissing me on camera,” Clayton jumped in to add.

Susie continued on to say that it was difficult to open up knowing that both the people in the room and viewers would be able to watch it back. The former contestant also revealed that she never got used to the cameras and continued to express her discomfort to Clayton throughout the season.

Clayton Echard revealed his reaction to being filmed on The Bachelor

Clayton himself also experienced a reaction to the cameras and to being filmed, although he appeared to be more used to the setup from his previous time on Michelle Young’s Season of The Bachelorette.

Clayton recalled seeing a cameraman smiling while filming him and being sent into a thought spiral of wondering if he’d just said, “something stupid.”

It turned out that the star’s concerns weren’t entirely unwarranted as he was hit by backlash from fans and his contestants alike all season long.

The two did move on to lighter topics for the rest of the interview, stating that they are currently just getting used to living together and enjoying their time. Clayton joked that he hadn’t expected how many water bottles Susie would leave around the house.

The pair also gushed about meeting one another’s families and being able to openly be together around their new city.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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