Susie Evans and Clayton Echard react to being mistaken for siblings 

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard and Susie Evans answer an amusing question. Pic credit: ABC

Susie Evans and Clayton Echard have been one of the more controversial pairings in Bachelor Nation.

Fans have slowly warmed up to the couple as Susie and Clayton interact with followers online and show off their playful personalities.

Recently, Susie and Clayton had an amusing response to a commenter who questioned if the boyfriend and girlfriend were brother and sister.

Susie Evans and Clayton Echard spark confusion about whether they’re related

Susie and Clayton once again shared a video from their car as they continued on their road trip. 

In the latest video, Clayton and Susie captured their humorous reaction to an awkward question they received in their comments from someone who felt the couple looked alike.

Susie placed the comment over the video, showing that someone asked her and Clayton if they were “siblings or dating?” 

Susie and Clayton answered the question simultaneously; however, their answers didn’t match. 

Clayton declared that they were dating, whereas Susie deadpan responded that they were siblings. 

Clayton then turned to Susie with a confused expression as the brief video came to an end. 

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans enjoy teasing one another 

Teasing and playful banter have been a constant in Clayton and Susie’s relationship. 

The couple not only enjoys poking fun at one another, but they’ve also appreciated receiving roasts from other members of Bachelor Nation as well. 

Susie showed respect to Jesse Palmer after he playfully dissed Clayton’s athletic ability. The couple has also taken to Twitter to troll about their relationship being on the brink in the past. 

Despite their many jokes, Clayton and Susie’s relationship appears to be serious.

The couple has moved in together and has spent lots of time with friends and family during their travels. 

Over Easter weekend, Susie enjoyed the holiday with Clayton’s family, including Clayton’s mother, Kelly, who welcomed them with a cake that featured their couple’s name, “Claysie,” in red icing. 

While Clayton and Susie had one of the tensest arguments on The Bachelor Season 26, they appear to have risen above the conflict and drama that led to their two breakups at the end of the shocking season. 

As they continue to engage with fans and give insight into the many sides of their relationship, there will be more humorous videos from Clayton and Susie. 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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